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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2022 BMW Alpina B8 Gran Coupe

Exploring the upper registers of the food chain in an automaker's lineup can still mean going home with something off the shelf. Look beyond the usual suspects, however, and you can skip the default-choice AMGs and Ms for something more subtle, more special.
Intermediate Driver

Some mighty impressive lipstick on that pig;
The wheels... check.
Paint, good Beelzebub in heaven it's gorgeous... check.
Interior, friggin' luscious... check.
Still a friggin' pig though just like most all BMW's of the last couple o'decades.
How, in evil Bangles name, can they continue to be gettin' even fuglier with every new generation?

With a handle like PorscheMan I would think that you would be nicer to your bavarian creampuff counterparts lol That being said, I have a few points to add:
No BMW looks good in that green color - that green looks great on a certain era Jag, nothing else. The wheels are not my to my taste - they look too old time-y and too similar to bicycle spokes. I am sure that you are being facetious regarding "the last couple o'decades" and bmw being "friggin' pigs" - from 2001 to 2020 some of the greatest bmws have been built. Yes, some pigs also made it in there for sure, but this isn't porsche, where they only make two cars - the 911 and its two cousins from WV, the boxster and the cayman, and of course that station wagon/aberration, the panamera, which is most definitely a pig.

I do love that green. It's a pretty nice and looks great on that car. Also the styling on this car is definitely restrained versus the current crop of BMW's and is better off for that.