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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2021 Yamaha XSR900

Crossover. Unless you're an audio engineer building up a loudspeaker, it's probably a dirty word to you. Musicians use it derisively to label songs that are milquetoast enough to appeal across genre; think Elvis Presley, Vanilla Ice, late-period Metallica.
Advanced Driver

I think there's a market for bikes that don't look like a dorky fake retro bike and also don't look like a transformer. It's not for me though. I need to buy something that'll beat my buddy's cbr1000rr in a 60 roll before I mature enough to realize that it's a bad idea.

There's a short list of hardware out there that will accomplish a task like that. My Kawasaki will do it; so will a Hayabusa. The latest BMW literbike. Anything south of that, like the proverbial Gixxer Thou, is a toss up.
Advanced Driver

I've got a soft spot for the Hayabusa cause I'm kind of funny looking too, although I really like your Kawasaki. But I've taken the honda for a spin a few times and I know I'd be dead or in jail if I tried to ride it how it's meant to be ridden. I've got all I can say grace over with my 40hp GS500e for now
Intermediate Driver

Did the throttle feel like a light switch to you? That seems to be another very common criticism aside from the handling. Regardless, I'm excited to read/watch about the new one, it looks very cool.

I like a good retro looking bike, I guess because so many of the modern bikes are so dammed ugly. I don't care how great a bike is if it is not attritive then I don't want to be seen on it.

Doesn't CR-V stand for Civic Recreational Vehicle?