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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 Prototype

Volkswagen's roots are in sensibly sized, economical, and thoughtfully engineered vehicles. Although it’s rather late to the market, the stylish ID.3 hatchback seems a natural extension of these tenets as applied to a modern EV. Here in the U.S., however, Volkswagen is holding back the ID.3, which means the larger, taller ID.4 crossover will be the German automaker’s all-electric flag-bearer when it hits showrooms in early 2021. We tooled around metro Detroit for a quick 45-minute jaunt in a pre-production ID.4, wondering whether this EV vanguard can deliver the jolt that VW needs to kick off its planned propulsion revolution.


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The ride and handling balance sounds like a reflection of VWoA's philosophy to design and tune vehicles for the American market.

This vehicle might make sense to lease in California, where federal and state incentives will make this vehicle cheaper to lease than a CR-V, and you get an HOV pass. Still, it's a difficult sell because you can't count on non-Tesla charging networks, meaning that this vehicle works best with single-family housing. And if you can afford a single-family home in California these days, you can afford a Tesla.

Advanced Driver

No thanks.


What is the status of the EVbus?  I was under the impression it was due out soon?

Hagerty Employee

vw says production beginning 2022

I am sorry but it just looks like another four door tall station wagon. If they want to interest me then where is the Bus?

Hagerty Employee

it's definitely coming! same platform.
Intermediate Driver

Ho-Hum. More of the same crap from VW. How about the new bus or the "California" camper being sold in Europe.


Pit Crew

"Oftentimes it felt like we might accidentally shift into park when reaching for the turn signal..." Isn't the turn signal on the left and the shifter on the right? I'm assuming you meant when you were reaching for the wipers? 

Hagerty Employee

yes indeed, fixed!
Pit Crew

For more than 40 years, VW of America hasn't been able to successfully figure out how to sell Volkswagens in the US. Reliability, cost of repair, lack of design appeal, dealer experience. All have been a sad end to what was once an innovative, value positive and attractive brand. This is what happens when a brand builds a product based on what the customer wants, rather than "I have a crazy but interesting idea". The ID4 is yet another meh VW. They might have had some success with the ID3 but, nope; "American's will only buy crossovers". So we end up with just one more crossover in a crowded market. Sorry VW.


The “real world” selling prices for Bolts make them pretty unbeatable values. I picked up a loaded one a couple of weeks ago for my father for $22k out the door. I cannot see buying this over that given that huge price gap. 

Pit Crew

"a compelling EV needs to be more EDM than elevator music" meaning Electro-Discharge Machining ???