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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2021 Toyota Venza Limited

Once upon a time, in 2009, the Venza was a U.S.-built, Camry-derived five-seater crossover with a generous trunk. Toyota wanted customers to see it as "a Camry, optimized," but despite a decent first year of sales (54,410), the Venza was canceled after a halfhearted 2012 facelift. Evidently, the U.S.

You have style, Grace, and the details are pretty good this time too.
Hagerty Employee

much appreciated!

I briefly owned one of these, a 2021 Limited with the Stargazer Roof.

It was very quiet and efficient, and had a sort of proto-Lexus quality to it, as you highlight.

It was not, all things considered, a functional SUV, least of all compared to the related RAV4 Hybrid that both costs less and has more interior volume. And since I like to carry large items home in my car, its tenure was not long. Perhaps if I had a boxier SUV (like an Expedition) or a truck on hand for the heavier stuff, I might’ve kept it.

I did manage to sell it to some hapless national car-buying outfit for $50K, which netted me a tidy profit.

Hagerty Employee

out of curiosity, what did you get to replace it?

A 2022 Outback Touring XT, which my partner drives. And I now have a 2022 X5 plug-in hybrid.

Intermediate Driver

If this hybrid powertrain is identical to the RAV4, it is dreadful. The only time the RAV4 would get out of it's own way was when the battery was fully charged and in just our small test drive, that only happened once. The 4 banger sounded like it was going to blow up. I really really wanted to like the car and powertrain, but alas...

The author seems to color the review based on her own biases and not so much on fact. Styling is obviously subjective and I don't believe should play much of a role at all in any credible review. The "beepy" infotainment system is easily customized by turning the "beep" off if you cared to actually get to know the car and its systems. Another example is that the parking brake is fully automatic, setting and releasing itself when you put it in and out of park - no need to use the switch as the author says. I'll also chalk-up the tinny sound system with you not bothering to turn up the bass. I have to wonder if you even drove one???
You also often compare it to the RAV4 and the base RX as well. An AWD RAV4 hybrid Limited is pretty close in price and does offer more utility. But it also doesn't ride as well, nor is it as quiet or as well equipped as the Venza. The base RX example is ridiculous as you must realize to get the same features as a Venza Limited on an RX is well over 10-grand more, right? I know as we looked. The base RX would only appeal to badge snobs and a loaded Venza offers way more toys for the dollar.
My wife bought a '21 Venza Limited early this year and absolutely loves it. Great power - the electric torque is impressive, smooth, quiet, uses half the fuel as her previous Murano and carries everything she needs it to as well.

There is also the NX with the turbo 4 or the hybrid NX. Not really sure the point of the Venza either.
Intermediate Driver

Surprised that Hagerty feels it is valuable and relevant to do "new car reviews." Here in the south the classic car shows and cruise-ins are loaded with these new and late model cars. So I guess Hagerty "drivers" are really "daily drivers."
Myself, i don't see the hobby aspect in fawning over late model bread and butter cars. The high price of new cars now makes them special maybe. For me all these bland black and gray trucks, SUVs and crossover vehicles with blacked out wheels and blackwell tires are boring but they ARE the current fad. Just one opinion.

Hmmm. We just bought a new Acadia Denali. We got it out the door at $48,000 with every option.

It has the real aluminum trim and open pour Hickory trim. Cool things like HUD and cooling seats. Seating in ours is for six. We enjoy 21 mpg around town and 30 plus highway. 0 to 60 in 6 second 1/4 mile 14.6.

With the electronic suspension it is a very smooth and competent ride in standard mode but in sport it become like a sports sedan on the back roads.

The number of options, features and settings are amazing. I bought this for my wife but I have to admit I love driving this over the a number of these other $40k+ 4 cylinder SUV models.

Seems the Highlander would be a better choice for most folks. I sure hope Toyota doesn't blow the design of the upcoming 4runner in 2023 or 2024. Dang. These swoopy rooflines really take away from headroom and rear storage.
New Driver

I just purchased one for my son and found it to be a Great Automobile!
Good power!
Awesome seating and comfort!
Fantastic Gas Mileage! Averaging 41 MPG
The look is like that of Lexus and feel the price is a bargain on the Limited Model!
Look - Drive & Compare prior to Simply Reading what a Judge of this 21 Venza
Intermediate Driver

The Venza would be much improved (and better differentiated from the RAV4) with an internal combustion engine befitting its more "sophisticated" design language. The A25A-FXS as it exists generates far too much vibration and harshness at full steam. In an ideal world, a 5-cylinder engine would power this pod and serve as a nice bridge between the 4-cylinder RAV4 and 6-cylinder Highlander. In the real world, sadly, Toyota is a marketing company that does engineering just for the sake of viable product rather than as an outlet for automotive passion.
Intermediate Driver

I should add as well that SofTex needs a revamp. It looks and feels like cheap vinyl, however durable it may be. Even the NuLuxe variant in the higher echelon TMC products is off-putting and completely inappropriate for a luxury brand.