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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost

Good vibes only. It's more than an infuriating phrase blighting social media with passive-aggressive blitheness—it's also how the second-generation Rolls-Royce Ghost does business. Here's an example. Next time you're out for a solo drive in your daily driver, watch the passenger seat for a brief (and safe) moment. See it wobbling a bit as you go about your business? That's perfectly normal, and it's a product of the dozens of contrasting vibrations that add to, subtract from, and reinforce each other in a roadgoing automobile.


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New Driver

One major problem with the Hollywood interior: no go after Labor Day. 


The writer uses Damoclean where he probably meant Procrustean.


I was suggesting that the balance between ride and handing is deadly for automakers, like the sword of Damocles hanging over one's head. Alternately, I could have said that this was a Gordian issue, resolved with the swift stroke of excellence. As I recall, however, Procrustes was the fellow who would chop your legs off to fit in a bed.

And then there's verbage for the sake of verbage, which in general is only enjoyed by two people, like when Nietzsche called Russell a "derp". 😉 


Derrida would have a field day with "verbage" in this application, I think.

strictly appearance-wise i just don't get a 300K vibe out of it. the taillights and trunk line look like they belong on a hyundai and the interior looks like it belongs in a party limo used to ferry high school kids to the prom. not going on my lust list


It's a nice car.

Intermediate Driver

It’s hard to imagine this Rolls is less hassle to drive than my W222 S-Class. None of the concerns you mention are an issue in my Mercedes, which provides excellent driver feedback and is happy to drive itself on the highway if I get bored. What’s more, the twin turbos work seamlessly with the seven-speed automatic to deliver whatever speed I desire, always far quicker than I anticipated. Finally, while interior styling is a matter of personal taste, i regularly have strangers approach me in parking lots to complement the exclusive leather and ambient lighting. Right now I’m 3,000 miles from the car and miss it dearly, which is probably why this is my umteenth Mercedes.


Got to agree about the grille; looks like it came from the Lincoln parts bin. But the big question is: does it have an umbrella holder built into the rear door? 

Intermediate Driver

"All of this is operated via heavily damped, lovingly bechromed switches which would not be out of place in a cost-no-object megayacht"


Well, for this 'poor' blue collar plebeian; they are not and it is...

Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!


Pit Crew

all that money... and still not covid-19 proof...