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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2021 RAM 1500 TRX

Somewhere west of Laramie — west of Reno, even — the brake pedal of my new-for-2021, Hellcat-powered, flared-and-chaired Ram TRX went right to the floor. Smoke started rolling from the fenders as I hastily adjusted my plans for the next corner, which was coming up with all the alacrity a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 could provide. That was more or less the end of my fast backroad drive in a three-ton, full-time-four-wheel-drive truck. Really, what did you expect? Yes, the 14.9-inch rotors and two-piston calipers probably represent an absolute high-water mark in standard-equipment half-ton pickup brakes — but applied to a vehicle of this size, they’re not exactly prepared to turn the TRX into an immovable object. Which means they’re bound to lose when confronted with … an irresistible force ... 


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72 grand for the base model. How many just-as-capable 1972 Dodge D100's could I build for that kind of money...

Pit Crew

Jack was right. You are gifted and entertaining writer — who also shoots great photos! Loved the article and the pics.


When is the Gladiator/Rubiconquest model coming out?

Advanced Driver

3ton pickup truck?     between this insanity and some country leaders this world has,nt got a hope

New Driver

Probably the biggest difference between a Ford (which I owned several of) truck and a Dodge (which I now own 2 of) is the comfort level and driving position. My Ford seats sucked and the driving position is not even close to the Dodges. Ford stereo's also sound like crap if you are a audio buff. They are both very reliable obviously, but comfort down a long road wins out.....every time.


This thing destroys the raptor.  Maybe if they had a non-raptor owner doing the article it would have been objective.