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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2021 Polestar 2

Like it or not, the decade of electric vehicles is upon us. That might not be so apparent at the moment, when the only truly popular EVs come from Silicon Valley, but make no mistake: Elon Musk’s lithium-ion throne is about to face an onslaught. Globally, 400 new all-electric models will launch by 2025. Outside of Tesla, the limited roster of mainstream electric cars on the market today has the collective desirability of a mid-tier Roomba. Will any other OEMs be able to crack the code?


Polestar might be a current front-runner. Though you might remember this outfit’s debut model—a stunning, $155,000 plug-in hybrid coupe with the creative moniker of Polestar 1—that carbon-bodied grand tourer was essentially a Volvo concept car come to life. A showpiece meant to drum up excitement. Arriving now in Apple Store-ish “Spaces” (read: Polestar dealers), the Polestar 2 is a wholly new, unique model unabashedly gunning for Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y.


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No. The design is consistent with the tasteless sterile consciousness of people unaccustomed to good work, and black interiors are out of the question. As much as I dislike technology, I think it has enslaved us, I know it is the future and thank God I'm old enough not to be here when man sees the consequences of his lack of life balance.


Nice looking car, but it seems to me that electric cars are currently selling at the wrong end of the price spectrum. Electric cars should be the base, entry level models ($25,000 range), aimmed at people who just want transportation to work and shopping, and gas engined cars should be the premium, performance models.

Community Manager

Battery technology isn't cheap enough for that to happen yet.  Just compare the base price of a Nissan Leaf vs. Nissan Versa if you don't believe me. 

New Driver

If I were an EV customer, this would l likely be my choice. It’s still a lot of dough for what amounts to a work commuter. Still need a car for vacation.

Hagerty Employee

I agree -- will make way more sense as a $45,000 car, especially when you consider Polestar (as a new OEM) is eligible for the full $7500 tax credit. Not to mention any local or state incentives.