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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2021 Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600

Until now, car companies wanting to extract more coin from their buyers have turned mainly to performance labels. BMW’s M, Mercedes-Benz’s AMG, and Cadillac’s V-series have been the flagship cars of their respective lineups, and nobody has really explored the notion of offering an uber-posh sub-brand alongside their über-performance one. Until now. The Maybach label itself is not new. Indeed, you can find it on the engine gauges of World War II-era Tiger tanks, and Mercedes-Benz has been slapping it on cars since 1997, when it unveiled the Maybach 57 and 62 mega-limos. But after their failure and demise in 2013, and the relegation of the Maybach label to a premium version of the S-class sedan in 2015, Mercedes is now ready to milk Maybach for more.


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You've adopted the perfect tone to describe a vehicle like this.

Intermediate Driver

Wow, what a write-up! That was a nice read, at least for the member of plebs like myself.


However, I do wonder if someone who can recite his family tree from the time of Magna Carta would have the same perspective as Mr. Robinson? I wonder if Hagerty could find such a guy?  Or, at least, some Youtube star, who is the most likely customer of this barge? Or is it a yacht?


Don't get me wrong, but this was like me reviewing this year's Formula 1 car. For all of the two seconds before I hit the wall...