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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2021 Mazda MX-5 Miata Club

Turn on any Major League Baseball game nowadays, and you're sure to notice the absurd infield shifts, teams using six pitchers in nine innings, and batters literally swinging for the fences. Why? Because success in baseball's modern era has become a matter of whose analytics department ran better algorithms that morning.
Intermediate Driver

Rock star reliability and handling but I still like my Z3 better. With a color like "stahlgrau", you gotta love it!
Hagerty Employee

I completely understand! My Grandfather has a Z3 and the time I've spent behind the wheel of it has been filled with smiles. Celebrate these little drop-top warriors we shall! Thanks fo reading.
Pit Crew

Love the Miata. Always have. Mazda seems to have gotten everything right in this vehicle. Except. Except that idiotic and suddenly ubiquitous display screen sticking up from the dash like a roadside billboard. And this billboard reads: “Miata! All the excitement of sitting behind your desk. At work.”
Hagerty Employee

Funny you should mention that. During our drive, I mentioned that I'd consider paying MORE for a Miata without the screen. Thanks for reading!

No better, more reliable, honest car on the market the past three decades than a Miata. My squeeze has a slick silver w/ tan top 2001, Lauren's only regret occasionally being cowed by speeding semis on the freeway, and nosing out of the driveway, unable to see around any monstrous, parked Stupid Useless Vehicles, and tho' i'm Hagerty Layout Editor Bryan Gerould's height, have to agree that once inside, mighty fine. Solid build quality, and nice to know people still wanting a true sports car as good as any of the past 80 years who fathom "weight is the enemy" still have one automaker who hasn't forgotten them.

Merry Seventh Day of Christmas and a Happy, Safe, Relaxed, Successful 2022, sports fans.
Hagerty Employee

I'm right there with you, Inline8OD. I hope Lauren enjoys hers for a long, long time. Thanks for reading!
Intermediate Driver

Bought my NC PRHT Club 4 years ago this month. 24,000 miles, pristine True Red paint, paid in the teens. What a great car. It had been ages since I owned a street legal sports car. Amazing how far they have come. The ride is compliant and smooth, the handling impeccable, 28 mpg, decent local club support, etc. Best of all, it actually has character, far more than the M3 roadster I previously considered. I'll keep it as long as I can fold myself up enough to get in.
Hagerty Employee

Here Here! At some point in my life, I'll own one of these little delights. You'll have to pry it from my cold dead hands. Thanks for reading, and enjoy the NC!

I like the wheels on it. This is easily the best spec for driving pleasure.

I worked as a parts slinger at the local Mazda dealer when the 1990 model made its debut and it made quite an impression on me, everyone at the dealership and to a large extent nationwide.

It was a wonderful car then and it's a wonderful car now. That its successor is just as good shows the dedication that Mazda has to the car. It's almost freakish that it still exists from a mass manufacturer, as almost all of its competitors sadly are long gone.
Hagerty Employee

I keep coming back to the car's longevity too, Air_and_Water. I hope we'll be lucky enough to see the next generation stick to this formula, but in case that changes, I'm glad we have the ND2 to celebrate. It's the one to get, as far as I'm concerned.

Thanks for reading!
Hagerty Employee

Riding shotgun with Jeff, I can confirm his HSPM was remarkably high.