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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2021 Lincoln Navigator 4x4 Black Label | Hagerty Media

Since 1998, one name has remained steadfast in Lincoln's product lineup: Navigator. Is it a luxury truck with a long roof? A rolling couch? However you slice it, the SUV responsible for kicking off an American full-size luxury SUV arms race has, throughout its lifetime, often felt like little more than a thin veneer of luxury over the more everyman Ford Expedition body.

Given that these leviathans are all based on trucks, wouldn't a more appropriate name for the segment be "Sport Luxury Utility Truck?" No? Oh, wait. I see the problem now. Copyright infringement lawsuits from every red-light district around the world...
Intermediate Driver

The author nailed it. The Navigator needs a V-8. Not just for the sound but for reliability as well, but one only has to do a quick Google search to know those turbos are a problem. It's just more wear items and that will have you back at the dealer. Not saying that you won't get 300K out of your stock turbos (but I am) but chances are, you're turbo charged Ford engine will be in for work long before the V-8s in the GM products are. I think even Ford knows this based on the fact that they are now producing a new big V-8 and the rumor is going back to a V-8 in the Raptor.
New Driver

I have to agree with elldorado2000!! In 2019 I was in the market for a new three row SUV. I had previously owned a 2013 Mercedes Benz GL-450....with the was a very nice vehicle but after a couple years it had so many squeaks and rattles it was annoying!! I looked at the the New too was very nice but since I am old school, I could not get past the V6 engine. I went with the new for 2019 BMW X7 Xdrive50i with everything but the kitchen sink....after two years it's just as tight today as it was from day one and a joy to drive.... The BMW V8 also has twin turbo's...since I normally keep my cars past the warranty period....that's why I also bought the seven year maintenance package!!!! Plus, the exhaust note sounds fantastic!!
Hagerty Employee

Those X7s are really impressive. Kind of blew me away the first time I sat in one. The best BMW interior by a mile and a half, and pleasantly silent for passengers until the driver gets on the throttle. Nice choice!