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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible

Grandiose, opulent two-plus-two grand tourers are a rare treat these days. Even in the high end of the market, elite manufacturers are stressing high-performance over high-concept luxury. That means often means turbocharged engines, if Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes-AMG, and Aston Martin are any indication. A free-breathing V-8 that sounds like automotive angels singing?

Please learn the difference between "compliment" and "complement".
Intermediate Driver

Crazy that this weighs more than an M5 Comp. Imagine if Lexus could not use such an incredibly heavy platform that was ment for the LS on the LC. It would be close to driving perfection. I was dissapointed with the speed of the gear changes and how heavy it feels. Then there is that horrid user interface. It stings when a Toyota Camry has better tech and a better user interface. Maybe Lexus will get it there in two generations given the speed Lexus changes things
Hagerty Employee

Will we even have an LC in two generations? The case for a next-gen car has arguably never been harder to make. I agree with the Camry remark, though; it's frustrating that a car this special has something as frustrating to use on it as that interface. The LX 600 has shown us possibly a new direction for the UI in newer Lexus models, however. Maybe they've finally seen the error of their ways.
Advanced Driver

I've seen a few of these around my city and they are stunning in person (I like the coupe better). If I was in the market for a big, beautiful GT, this would be it. I love the idea that this car will easily outlast anything like a Bentley or Rolls because of its inherent Japanese genetics. My only dislike (and I have this about almost every modern car) is its weight. That 4500+ lbs is pretty darn porky.
Hagerty Employee

It's certainly porky, and you can feel it when you're on the move. But I don't know that it really detracts from this experience. Through many types of driving, all the weight did for me was add to the rock-solid feeling of the car. Were this a track rat, then yes, this much heft would be sinful. But as a GT proposition, I think it allows for more leniency there.

A work of art in design that nothing else compares to .

Truly a concept car that came to life. One of the most stunning designs ever created for an automobile with an absolute sweetheart of an engine and I WILL own one someday. We need to enjoy these kinds of rare treats now because in 10 years, nobody will be building anything like this anymore.

Well, no from the photographs. I'll go look at one when I can find one but I won't go out of my way because I think the body design is arrogant and presumptuous. The interior speaks
of overkill, and therefore I have better places to put my money. Thank you for this however;
well done.

Looks like a restyled 370 Z Roadster, except with a great V8.
Intermediate Driver

The original '90's SC400's were distinctive, simple, and elegant in design...and even today, they're still easily recognizable & turn heads.

These modern versions of them are not. And they're ugly. I can't even tell them apart from any other convertible Lexus or Toyota.

I love the LC 500 coupe. It sounds great and drives really well. The interior seems far better than any other GT car at the $100k mark. Much more expensive cars seem "cheaper" in comparison. The car also drives fairly well at a track, though you won't replace your "track" car with one as the LC won't do laps as long. Oh, skip the Bridgestone tires, get the Michelin's. The LC drives better with them.


Will the god awful Lexus grill ever go away?!