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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2021 Land Rover Defender 90 First Edition | Hagerty Media

The 2021 Land Rover Defender has a tough trail laid out ahead of it, and not simply because it inherits the weighty mantle of a beloved British off-roader. Of course, the days of truly rugged and stripped-down Rovers is long gone, and the modern Defender's shared bones with the Discovery says a lot about the automaker's need to perhaps satisfy wealthy urbanites even more than off-road weekend warriors.

Considering how many new vehicles you review, you have style and an ability to fairly describe them without repeating yourself. A good read, like the rest.

Aggressively trendy is a positive trait? That's a repulsive idea.
Pit Crew

With the dismal reviews on anything "LandRover" just could never think of falling into this pond of constant failures. I don't like being on a first-name basis with the service department.
Intermediate Driver

Too much "Chelsea Tractor" for my liking. I'll keep my 2010 Puma Defender 110 wagon with its basic simplicity and fixable by me if and when it is necessary. This Land Rover Bronco probably will not be taken up by a large number of the previous market, as it is no longer a basic multi-purpose work truck that can be made suitable for a wide range of tasks.
Pit Crew

The picture of from the 2nd seat row shows a 4-door 110. The 90 has no rear door handles.
Intermediate Driver

Land Rover made a big mistake with this contraption calling it a Defender, what they should have done redesign the old Defender so that it could be manufactured more economical but keep the trusted look that everyone in the world recognize and they would have had a winner.
Pit Crew

Winner and Land Rover, based on web searches over many years, don't below in the same sentence. Never owned one, so, just my humble opinion.