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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2021 Kia Telluride SX V6 AWD | Hagerty Media

Modern-day Kia is no stranger to building good cars, but its sights are trained on building great cars. Like the luxurious K900, premium Cadenza, and sporty Stinger liftback before it, the Telluride SUV is a vehicle that seeks to rewrite everything American buyers think they know about the Korean automaker.
Intermediate Driver

The Telluride with its panache is the one vehicle that would make me think twice about taking the Toyota pill in an otherwise dreary segment. The 6-cylinder Hyundai/Kia engines have also been pretty reliable, unlike the 4-cylinders. I also think the Kia dealers - which are the one real demerit against the Telluride - have finally stopped marking up Tellurides too.

Is there some other type of depth charge than "military-grade"?
Intermediate Driver

M-80 tied to a rock comes to mind.

I know a person with a Hyundai Sonata and one with a Kia Forte that have both burst into flames and both where less than 5 years old. Maybe once Hyundai and Kia can PROVE that they've stopped making vehicles that seem to regularly spontaneously burst into flames, I'll take them more seriously. But that might be a while as another friend just got a recall notice that their new '21 Kia Seltos has defective piston rings that will let oil blow by and potentially cause - you guessed it - an engine fire! Until they figure that out, I'll reward other manufacturers that put more money into long-term quality engineering rather than whiz-bang gadgetry that only impresses in the showroom.

I like the Telluride and its Palisade sister, but wish they were offered in an hybrid version that would improve their lackluster fuel economy. After having an EV as my daily driver I am now loathe to buy any vehicle with a purely ICE powertrain.

KIA Telluride is a classic collectable? NOT.

The interior photos look like a bmw cockpit, down to the way the radio/audio stuff is sandwiched and elongated. I think the sqaured off yellow DRLs look cool, but that is it. I have tried to like the korean autos, but I just can't get into them. Maybe when I had to pick up a friend from her kia dealership and I went into the place - it was a dump - maybe that has soured me. For all I know the kia dealership shave changed dramatically. Or not.
Intermediate Driver

The most comfortable vehicle I have driven in a long time. Company vehicle that has 24,000 miles after 8 months. Excellent comfort with 400 miles between stops and 27 MPG averaging 75 MPH, Cannot be beat for the price!

ford seems to have done it two or 3 times now? The vedub invasion desimating the usa car industry was trounced by the falcon, morphed into the stang & brought on the muscle (other falcon - a Bronco brought on the SUV we seem to still be in) era. Nobody here stemed the Japanese wave (the next onslaught @ fuel crisis). Then Tarus threw a tripple play on the world mid 80s. Cars still look like a coke bottle. Later the Explorer's home run we can see in the Japanese wontabe the Korean Expi-look-a-like Kia. Glad we never engineered any like the european but I sure wish we did the Japanese. Durable, low maintainence. Add good looks and functionality and we'd havea world beater. Hopin the last Bronco has the Raptor underneath. Now that's a short WB 2 dor I'd buy...