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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2021 Kawasaki H2 SX | Hagerty Media

Start with this: The supercharged, 998cc Kawasaki H2 SX SE Plus just isn't that fast. What a ridiculous thing to say. After all, it can run the quarter mile in ten seconds flat, clearing the traps at about 145 miles per hour. That's fast, right?
Pit Crew

Interesting that the bike can be easily retuned back to power levels seen on the regular H2.

Just a flash or a whole replacement ECU?

"... suggests that the bike market will increasingly be split, like the automotive market, into two distinct zones of sporting vehicle: the low-end stuff for beginners (VW GTI, Ninja 400) and the warp-speed stuff for the people who have real net worth."

As long as they don't enter into the homogenized lineup of product that automotive manufacturers and keep their individual characters.

I'll be talking to Brock of Brock's in Dayton to get the full details. The SX engine is NOT the regular H2 engine, there are a few corners cut.
Advanced Driver

Lane splitting might be considered a right by Californians, but I used to commute in the grid-lock created by lane-splitters being mopped up from San Diego freeways. The problem is that at least half of the cars on the road at any given time are driven by tourists who've never seen a lane-splitter, or they're unmaintained clunkers registered in Baja California and driven by unaccountable illegals. Even if you're lane splitting at the low speeds and low speed differentials that the police tacitly endorse, there's no guaranty that someone who has no idea why you'd be there won't change lanes as you pass from this world to the next.

"...25,000. As in, twenty-grand."?