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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 | Hagerty Media

It was in the dunes when old habits really started to kick back in. Nothing was standing in the way of a gentle left flick and a quick stab of throttle, floating the Wrangler Rubicon 392 a few feet and steering back right as the muscle-born V-8 wound up to the limiter.
New Driver

But alas, you can have RWD mode, using a Tazer JL Mini, there’s a video of a wrangler 392 doing a line lock burnout...
Advanced Driver

Seventy-five thousand dollar Wranglers are the direct result of bad voting choices. 'Chrysler' would be selling a hundred and fifty thousand 5.7 liter Hemi Wranglers and Gladiators every year for less than $50K with every option imagined if it weren't for Manchurian CAFE targets.

Why would Stellantis want to sell these at a loss? They are priced at $75K because that is the price Jeep has determined that they can sell for the most profit. If CAFE was at all a concern, more hybrids, diesels and electrics could be sold. Moreover, fuel economy for 2020 vehicles is projected to be only 25.7. These are hardly "Manchurian" (I do not think this is the word you mean) standards.

CJ was pointing out that the volume of less expensive Wranglers sold with a 5.7 Hemi option would likely impact their corporate compliance with CAFE numbers.

CAFE is a huge influence and the main reason why so many SUVs exist and so few capable sedans. CAFE gives a mileage break to crossovers, even if they are car-based.

More Hybrids and Electrics are not sold because the market opposes them, and diesels are targeted for “emissions” violations, in spite of thousands passing emissions tests every year.

CAFE is a political tool used to discourage private automobile ownership, especially of capable vehicles, and their intended use. The next idea is a mileage tax.

There may still be a 4 cylinder Jeep available if the medium sized V8 is objectionable. For now, that’s the beauty of choice. I remember learning about un-(universal adjective) a smog-era big V8 as a kid. It is amazing what recurving the distributor, adjusting the Q-Jet, and dumping the pellet cat will do for power and fuel economy.

But seriously, back to CAFE, 2 booster seats and a car seat in one of the most popular mom-mobile SUVs is a PITA, yet all 3 fit with zero issues in my classic full sized car and in our crew cab pickup.
CAFE doesn’t matter? It does when it is pouring rain and your wife is standing there trying to get the seats just right to buckle the booster kids in place.
Advanced Driver

It's as if this leftover from the Carter administration should have been junked decades ago. We're the only ones in the world who do it this way, with a nice exemption baked in for Euro luxury cars.

Government is notorious for inventing problems where the only reasonable solution, in their mind, is more government and regulation.  

New Driver

Just picked up a new 392 Jeep Wrangler and I love it

"(suited to for trail use..."

Rather have it in the Challenger/Charger, great article though. Thanks for some specs and not just opinion.

I was at my local dealer for service on my Charger. In the showroom they had a tarted up Wrangler and Renegade w/$98k stickers. I almost fell over.

I went to buy a fuel filter and sales guy intercepted me, suggesting I look at a NEW truck, because mine is so old.

MSRP, plus all their add-ones, tint, etc $100k. I held up the fuel filter and said maintenance is cheaper.