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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2021 Jaguar F-Type R | Hagerty Media

Jaguar will celebrate its centennial anniversary this September. The maker of the revolutionary XK120, the D-Types that stormed Le Mans, the sumptuous XKE, and all the other celebrated crumpet-catchers that wore the leaping cat will almost certainly terminate gasoline-powered sports car production with the F-Type. The end. No more. Fini.
Pit Crew

Excellent article that puts the F-type into perspective. I wonder if it's predecessor the last XK series will become collectible. It seems that is possible as it may be a bit more comfortable to live with and priced have held steady versus previous history once a model is replaced by Jaguar.
Intermediate Driver

That's one nice looking Supra!
New Driver

I'm pretty sure that my F Type being the last V8 (402kW) but RWD vs AWD is one of the sought after variants - at least that's what I've been told.
The F type elicits affection from it's owners and sincere appreciation from fellow motorists. Jaguar achieved what they set out to do when the F Type was launched - a beautiful uncompromising and powerful sports car. I disagree that the sound of that V 8 at full throttle ever gets "boring". My car sounds like a Lexus unless it's floored ! The end of the F Type is an end of a significant portion of motoring history from a manufacturer that has produced some of the most attractive motor vehicles.
Here's wishing this future classic the best and thanks Jaguar for bringing it out 10 years ago.
Hagerty Employee

Yes! Those early V8, RWD R models were the BUSINESS. Never drove one of the later AWD-only ones and I don't plan to in case it spoils my memory.

Well, if it's going to go out, at least it's going out with the most boring jag ever -- not even a Jag anymore, just a rebadged Tata. That thing looks just like a Mustang, which looks like a Focus, which looks like a Tesla, which looks like a Hyundai, which looks like a Toyota...
If you take the badges off, you literally can't tell one from another anymore. No wonder modern drivers are so steeped in apathy. So long little Tesla, er Mustang, uh Jag; you won't be missed.

All the "woke" lemmings are racing to an ev future, no one asked for. ICEs are so much more efficient and clean as can be, but use that "evil" petroleum that we pump & drill for and have caused global destruction. Just mine all of the lithium in countries that hate us so we can overtax the grid. But then can bankrupt the country rebuilding the grid, to handle all of the cars and homes powered by sunny skies and blowing winds!
Advanced Driver

Honk Honk. Welcome to clown world...

Don't forget about a larger negative environmental impact!

For that price I'd get a Lexus LC500 instead. They're gorgeous, and the first few years of production haven't exhibited catastrophic corrosion issues in the manner that F-types were already known to disintegrate by 2017.
New Driver

"…catastrophic corrosion issues in the manner that F-types were already known to disintegrate."

Really? I didn't know aluminum could rust!
Community Manager


Jag will be lucky to be around by 2025, the Titanic reference being quite apt. Let's consider this for a moment: the jag S Type sold more units in its 8 year production run in the USA than jag has sold TOTAL in the whole world since 2007. That is how long ago jag had any relevancy. First Tata was going to save jag by adding AWD to the big sedan so it could sell the big sedan in the NE USA - great idea, except nobody buys the big sedan, regardless of geography. Then the EV was going to save jag, and it rolled out to extreme critical praise - the F Pace - only to see its sales numbers drop in half each year since 2017...There is no excuse to have shoddy workmanship and outdated tech - that being said, the tech on the Rovers isn't very good either, but they have a strong and loyal brand following. In 2013 I was in DC at the car show, and the crowd around this car was bigger than the mclaren or the ferraris. And the car had such a visual impact and things looked bright for jag...what could have been
Intermediate Driver

Seems to be both a dismal swan song to Jaguar as a carmaker and the legacy of the E-Type.
Intermediate Driver

Looks like my gas sucking, V12 powered XJS Convertible just might make it to collectable status. Electric Jags?? I drove one at the auto show...nice but gimme' cylinders please. There is just nothing like them. Cheers!!
Pit Crew

I think you miss the point of the F-type. Drop dead gorgeous, never sacrificing form for mere function, boatloads of torque in any gear to roast the tires on command (at least in V8 RWD form). Loud and raucous with the flip of a switch. Street theater at it's finest! Not tying to be the best track car, not trying to be the most luxurious GT car, this one is aimed at pure entertainment. A modern day Chevelle LS6 with European handling, a street hooligan for the terminally unhinged, a supercharged V8 in the front, drive at the back and grinning piece of meat in the middle (liberally paraphrased).
A bargain new over $100K? Questionable, but look at the used prices! Can you find a more exhilarating late model machine for under $50k? Sure the infotainment system is clunky at best, but look at the rest of this package!
And comparisons to the E-type while difficult, given the E's following are many!
Form over function? Check! have you looked at the e-roadster trunk space?
Instant torque in any gear? Check!
No compromise two seater only accommodations? Check!
Handling compromises for comfort? Check!
Classic rag top? Check!
A car with a soul and a personality, not just a cold chuck of metal or fiberglass. Check!

And like the E-types, the older original versions will go down as the better looking and more desirable models. Not fond of the F-type restyle with larger mouth opening and the funky headlights.

For those of you that seek and enjoy fun cars (that should describe almost everyone of Hagerty's clients), you owe it to yourself to test drive a RWD F-type V8 or one of the Manual Trans V6S models if you can find one! Just be prepared to have the beast follow you home, where you will be transformed into that grinning piece of meat in the middle!


I've never quite understood why Jaguar, despite significant investments from each of its owners, has never improved quality. Bonehead decisions like a two piece plastic coolant pipe underneath the supercharger that separates, requiring a full engine out to repair. And no availability of replacement electronics after only a few years after production.

Seems like Jags strategy is to design and manage their vehicles to a 5 year lifetime, factor in high warranty repair costs into the initial price, and once out of warranty then treat them as disposables relative to (no) support. I agree with @MATTMERICA that Jag most likely will not be around by 2025. And I am a 3 time Jag owner.