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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2021 Genesis GV80

Quietly, Genesis has been hard at work developing a new breed of luxury machine for the American market. That most people remain only vaguely aware of the Korean brand’s stalwart triumvirate of exquisite sedans is itself indicative of a critical hindrance—a gaping SUV-sized hole in showrooms. The long-awaited GV80, riding on a rear-wheel-drive platform shared with the upcoming G80 sedan, finally makes landfall at Genesis dealers in a few short weeks with the goal of remedying that predicament.


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Pit Crew

Grille aside, it's pretty good looking. It also looks premium, which is clearly important. Fan of the various colors displayed here.


Same old SUV sheet metal/plastic. All makes and models seem to clone each other. What's with the Cadillac grill? Not impressed.

New Driver

"A large-and-in-charge suburban barge." Heck Eric, you're a poet and didn't know it...

Hagerty Employee

you are too kind
Intermediate Driver

At least Genesis actually also continues to build cars, and even offer them to the few of us in the states who actually don't want a too tall behemoth SUV. 



Another oversized underpowered snoozemobile

Hagerty Employee

I guess I don't see your point -- this is most certainly a large luxury SUV for families that want them. Agreed the four-cylinder isn't all that, but it isn't accurate call the V-6 underpowered. As far as snoozemobile goes, the whole vibe of this vehicle is laid back and meant to provide a relaxing driving experience. It neither aspires nor attempts to light your hair on fire. I'd be more than happy to tilt back the seat and flip on the massaging in the GV80 while I wait in the cell phone lot at the airport to pick up relatives, who will be more than thrilled to be chauffeured far away from economy class seating in such comfort.
Intermediate Driver

Another Chinese grill?  For that alone, I would never consider one.  It may be Korean but, it has no sole.  (pun intended)

Intermediate Driver

Its got a "butter face".  

New Driver

The front end looks like a big metal smiley face similar to Richard Kiel as Jaws! Great actor BTW. Way too much mesh and to make it worse the brought more of it down to the lower valance. Interior seems nice, but a noisy 4 banger at that price? Nope!