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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E | Hagerty Media

Let's get this out of the way first: This electric SUV is absolutely a proper Mustang-but it's a Mustang in the "1964 1/2 showroom riot" sense, not the "Mystichrome Terminator/GT500KR/Intercooled SVO" sense. Think for a minute about what the Mustang was on its debut. It was a fancy Falcon, a way for people to buy [...]
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New Driver

My wifes 69 is laughing hysterically and yet crying at the same time.....Ford,you have been very naughty,your getting coal!!
Advanced Driver

This sat in my email for over a week because I didn't think I'd have the stomach to read what I expected to be in it's content.. Now that I've read it, yes it makes me sick. I couldn't possibly have less interest in this vehicle. I find it insulting that the Mustang name was used. If a rental company issued me one of these, I'd take all the insurance they offered and then proceed to firmly grasp that ridiculous television screen in the center of the dashboard and rip it from its mount flinging it back to the hatch area.

Good point on the tilting seat bottoms. As a tall individual, I would find my 2017 Honda Ridgeline undriveable for long hauls if I did not tilt the seat almost to its max to provide adequate support. In this regard, the best seating I ever had for supporting the knees/thighs at my height was my old 2014 Grand Caravan. I recognize that I am an outlier in height here, but if you are of at least 6 feet in height or more, a tilting seat is truly a must in SUV- or Van-type vehicles. Lower cars do not have this issue due to the extended-leg seating, such as in my old 2011 Scion xB or my wife's 2015 Sonata.
Intermediate Driver

The only word for this car is abortion.
Mustang equal fun. Electric equal BORING.
Not a luddite just a fun loving ICE guy.
Intermediate Driver

I once managed to turn on that 1-pedal feature in a Sensotronic-equipped W211 E-Class. To say it was disconcerting to drive at first would be an understatement. But one takes to it very quickly. I was saddened when the feature was removed from the system, and even more sad when the whole SBC system was abandoned in favor of an enhanced ABS.
Intermediate Driver

saving the planert??? by having to get chinese rare earth elements? not!
New Driver

As i look at it, It may as well have the Nissan or Toyota emblem on it!
New Driver

This vehicle may have a lot of fine attributes, but just because Ford slapped a running pony on the grill does not make it a Mustang.

I'd be curious to know how many "Mustang" owners they surveyed first.

Sorry Ford, you really missed the boat on this one.
Pit Crew

Nope not even close to being a Mustang... 4 doors just doesn't do anything for me.
Pit Crew

It may be a great Electric SUV, it's simply not a Mustang. I would be embarrassed to have people think I bought into the idea that it is a Mustang. Ford had so many names to choose from. They chose the wrong one.
Advanced Driver

There is no such thing as a great EV!!!
Just trying to market a EV that the sheeple think they want.
Intermediate Driver

No, it's NOT a Mustang and anyone who thinks it is, is completely out of touch with what a Mustang really is. A really nice SUV, but most definitely NOT a Mustang.
New Driver

I own a 65 and an 87.. I’m a bit disappointed to see this crossover suv referenced as a Mustang. Can’t imagine what will be called a “mustang” 20 years from now 😞
Pit Crew

Mr. Iacocca is turning over in his grave..................................
New Driver

Looks like a great addition to the lineup. Although, Ford should have brought back another 'out of use' name badge rather than including a crossover/SUV/station wagon as a Mustang.
New Driver

This is not a Mustang. This will never be a Mustang. This is the Ford galaxy or for Galex E that’s what Ford should’ve named it
New Driver

I must agree with the others this is not a Mustang. It should have been named something else and allowed the current Mustang design to live on. Ford should have learned something from the failed attempt to resurrect the T-Bird.
New Driver

Give me my 289 four barrel '66 Wimbledon White Coupe any day - awesome sound, duel exhaust and really fun! Not at all good for the environment but at 1,000 miles a year or less not terribly bad. I do tons of other things to protect the planet so I'm gonna have fun in my '66 Pony! Electric needs tons of sound effects to even start to resemble a REAL Mustang!!
New Driver

It's a whole new world, with a whole different group of consumers. I like it, and I'd buy one. The things I don't like about it: the color choices are awful (red, black, white, light gray, medium gray, dark gray) except in the GT--and even then there aren't many from which to choose, and the interior very Model T: "You can have any color you want as long as it's black."
New Driver

I can't in the furthest stretches of my imagination look at that car and see a Mustang , and I have a hell of an imagination.
Advanced Driver

I think Ford is going down the road Coke did when they came out with "New Coke"!
New Driver

Its not a Mustang.
Like most here I've owned many and then got into restoring them. Bringing a '69 Deluxe Convertible and a '69 Mach 1 back to life and thoroughly enjoying MCA car shows and the Mustang family for many years has been awesome.
Reads extreme I'm sure but when Ford abused the Mustang name to sell electric four doors I looked around and decided it was time for change. Sold the '69 convertible and my 2015 Limited Edition Mustang (kept the '69 Mach 1) and instead of buying a 2021 Mach 1, I am looking to buy a Porsche Cayman.
And a new thought: A Dodge Ram can replace my F150.
So, good news is times change and so can a 50 year old consumer like me.
Thank you for the fresh outlook Ford!
Advanced Driver

Just how much did FORD (the new ford guys) PAY YOU to praise this Subaru-Outback-looking "slot-car"?
Four doors and only a badge to say Mustang? I'll keep mine and you can do whatever.
Advanced Driver

This is no MUSTANG!!!!
Mustangs are not station wagons and they do not have four doors!

This is the most awesome Mustang I've ever seen!!!!!!!! Just joking.

Ford managed to screw up the Thunderbird after starting with a really desirable and slick two seater and transforming it to something on the Lincoln Continental platform. Now an electric SUV version of the Mustang with 4 doors to boot? I wonder how their marketing group manages to sit around the conference table in those skin tight pants? Back to your mom's basement boys!
Pit Crew

The answer is NO!
New Driver

Remember the old Corvette 2 seat sports car? Oh yeah, it's still a 2 seat sports car... and it still exists. Remember the old 2 seat Thunderbird, then the 4 door version, and the personal luxury car version, then back to the 2 seater to try save face? Where is it now??? It lost its identity along the way and was killed off by the geniuses at Ford. It's really not so much a gripe about an electric Mustang as it is the 4 door soccer team toting, Focus Wagon look. They will get plenty of sheeple to buy it, since it's a new craze, but the same trendy, cell phone crowd will abandon it for the next big craze and Ford will have lost a chunk of its devoted buyers. Sorry Ford, this is a big NOPE from me, a '66 and a '17 Mustang owner.
New Driver

I guess if you are a tree hugging left wing Sierra Club member this the Mustang for you. As the owner of five fossil fuel burning Mustangs, '65 resto coupe, two '80 Cobras, '13 BOSS302 LS, '16 Shelby GT350, this is the ultimate insult. My Duratec powered '04 Noble which makes 650rwhp just loves that 112 octane leaded. I will never surrender to the current politically correct ''progressive'' police. Burn that fossil fuel............

Isn't it more green to not buy a new car. I've owned over a 100 Mustangs and I even like the 74-78 Mustangs. I hate all the look alike 4 doors out there you see nowadays. Have to see a logo to know what it is. This is just another common style car with a mustang logo. This mustang badged commonly styled car is such a disappointment and extremely ugly. Why not make a Real Electric Mustang or any fun electric car for the masses? This car is just a future salvage yard placemark. This car is only about Ford Marketing and has nothing to do with Mustang essence. If only I could say something positive.
New Driver

Should have just named it Mach e, without the Mustang name. Will never recognize a 4dr SUV as a Mustang.
Pit Crew

In 1964, a Mustang was whatever Ford said it was. That's no longer true. Mustang is Ford's strongest brand except maybe F150, and everyone knows a Mustang is a two-door sport coupe, maybe a convertible. But it's for sure not a four-door electric SUV. The Mach-E is a great, groundbreaking vehicle. It deserved its own brand. To steal thunder from the Mustang dilutes both the Mustang and the Mach-E. Ford found itself introducing the GT500 and the Mach-E at the same time, both branded Mustangs, and sharing nothing more than the valve stem caps. That's a marketing fail of the first order.

No its not a Mustang. It's a gamble that isn't going to be readily accepted and will ultimately fail. Ford chose the MustangMach E moniker in hopes of suckering buyers in to hopefully recoup some of the development costs before pulling the plug. Hopefully they've thought ahead enough and will be able to adapt a conventional driveline with relative ease.
Intermediate Driver

Call it an Escort or a Probe because it isn't a Mustang. It may be a very good automobile but why tradeoff the name of one of Ford's most successful marque. That is just a marketing ploy by the advertising play on the Mustang's success. Call it something else and let the public decide if it can stand the test of time like the Mustang.
Pit Crew

This car will never be in my garage! It's butt ugly. I am old school I realize, but when I wash and rub the lines of my 68KR it's almost like sex. This car would be like washing dishes. JMO!