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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2021 Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat

Stress and nervous tension are now serious social problems in all parts of the Galaxy, and it is in order that this situation should not be in any way exacerbated that the following facts will now be revealed in advance. The Durango in question is in fact the legendary Durango Hellcat, and it’s quite nice. The review shortly to be launched by a middle-aged club racer will result only in a few complaints about fuel economy, some mild but entirely unfeigned enthusiasm regarding the revised interior of said Durango, and the abuse of some “consumables,” including one set of OEM Brembo brake pads.


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Intermediate Driver

When I first laid eyes on forged carbon, the thought that came to mind was, "vhs cassettes chopped up into bitumen.*

New Driver

Another reviewer called forged carbon "the head cheese of interior materials." But I still can't wait for mine to arrive!

Intermediate Driver

What is the article about? the mechanics of the drivetrain and yet not one picture under the hood. Who messed up? 


No sense taking that shot in a pre-prod car. When the production cars are out we'll find a shot and use it.
Intermediate Driver

I wish all who like this vehicle and purchase one a long and happy life... That being said, I have never understood the high performance SUV thing. 

To me, a performance car should be small, light, have cat like reflexes, and most importantly, have a manual transmission. Big, heavy, tall, and challenged by physics does not do it for me. 

Again, please feel free to wish a horrible lingering, suffering death upon me for having this opinion but I simply don't get it. If mashing the throttle and being pushed back in your seat while being surrounded by more gadgets than a Sharper Image website is all there is to driving, then live and be well. I just want every limb and all my senses involved with my performance car. 

New Driver

Of course you're right. The problem is life gets in the way. I have a number of fantastic exotic sports cars, but I barely ever get to drive them because I'm always working (need tools), transporting dogs, running horse errands for my wife. So the sports cars sit 99.9% of the time. This is something you can have 80% of the fun in 100% of the time. Mine will be replacing my SRT-10 Quad Cab pickup truck, which has been a blast for the last 15 years. 335,000 miles of fun when I couldn't get my exotics out into their environment.

The Hellcat cars and trucks are very alive, albeit in a different way than a Miata. And the Hellcat makes sense in many parts of these United States where the only curved roads are race tracks.
New Driver

Dodge and now RAM (Rebel TRX) have figured out how to get a HP Supercharged engine in what would normally be a family or work hauler. - Making the 'off' time that much more exciting!  Keep it up FCA!!



For when you're REALLY late getting the kids to the soccer game.

Intermediate Driver

I hope they put the hellcat engine in everything. The more of them that are out there the better chance I find a wrecked one someday so that I can load my 1970 super be with the bad boy engine. 


You can get one now from a wrecked HC easily. Let me know if you need help locating one.

New Driver

I would very much like your help. I have seen already wrecked Durango Hellcats on Copart. Unfortunately, I only want the the demonic red laguna leather interior, red trimmed dash, and rear center console. On Copart, one must purchase the entire car. Have any ideas for me? Thanks in advance.
Intermediate Driver

Well, I guess I'll just have to wait until someone puts 50,000 miles of driving the dog**bleep** out of it before I can buy one? lol


Boom. First one to order in the country and didn’t even have to put a deposit down.


It's a great review, thank you, and I wouldn't touch it. It's fat, ugly, and rude. I had a 9 passenger Ford Wagon that wallowed along, hauled everything I needed it to including passengers, was nice enough to go to Dinner in, and at the time I paid a tenth of price for it in comparison to this. This is too much everything.

Advanced Driver

No such thing as too much power. Just the courage and skill to use it. Sensible,no. Awesome, hell yes. Hellcat everything! RTSO!!!
Pit Crew

May I ask how far it will go at W.O.T.?


Would have been a much better review if we were able to see photos of the interior.

New Driver

I'm not sure where the reviewer got a fully-loaded price of under $90k. Mine will sticker just over $96k and that's without the leather interior upgrade or the exterior stripe package. That would've added another $2,790. Otherwise great review!


An amazing feat...My impression of early Durango's was that of a rolling garbage can. I mean they were awful. A mid size SUV with the fuel swilling prowess of a 'Burban or "Gator.....
So happy the story is going well and an American "SUPER UV" can triumph over imported counterparts...