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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2021 Chrysler Pacifica Pinnacle AWD

What's so funny about peace, love, understanding, or a $53,000 minivan? More to the point, why do so many of us have no difficulty justifying massive pricetags on SUVs and crossovers that are stunted-growth minivans in all but name—hello, Macan!—while flinching at the idea of spending real cash on something with sliding doors? I suspect it's the same reason that full-sized pickup trucks have become luxury trinkets-on-wheels while full-sized vans remain workmanlike items. (At least, until Airstream or Sportsmobile get hold of them.) A lot of people buy a pickup truck or an SUV despite having zero practical use for them. But a minivan? That's something you need. And people tend to be a little, shall we say, sharp-penciled when it comes to the necessities.


Most people, anyway. There's a long and time-honored tradition in some circles of getting top-shelf family wagons. Kingswood. County Squire. Colony Park. Roadmaster. To these names, and to Chrysler's own dearly-departed "Town And Country" trim level, you can now add: Pacifica Pinnacle. This is a fifty-three-thousand dollar minivan.


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This is really rather nice. I particularly like the headliner, which is far more expensive-looking than many six-figure vehicles.  who is it *for*? Who is dropping $53K on minivans nowadays?


I think Chrysler needs to market this to business executives who get chauffeured and other high-end customers that want "stealth wealth." The Pacifica Pinnacle is far more practical for this purpose than a Suburban costing $80K, or an Escalade ESV pushing $100K. And maybe they can dump the Stow & Go, while they're at it, in favor of two of the cushiest, uncompromised rear captain's chairs this side of an EWB Rolls-Royce. At the same time, it's just a lowly minivan. You wouldn't get gawked at the same way you would if you were being driven around in an exotic luxury sedan.


Couldn't agree with you more. That's the niche served (very well) by the Toyota Alphard/Vellfire twins overseats. The Pacifica could blow those two away --- but hey hey ho ho, Stow n' Go has got to go.
Intermediate Driver

My late Dad dropped nearly $48k on a 2015 Toyota Sienna. It’s loaded with almost everything except the AWD, which would have required “run flat” tires which are expensive to replace. In 5 years we’ve put maybe 12,000 miles on it. So it’s a low mileage cream puff. My Dad didn’t drive it much has his health was declining at the time. We keep it garaged when not in use. I love how practical the minivans are. 

Pit Crew

Jack has made reading about minivans enjoyable - 2020 strikes again! 

Advanced Driver

I've never stopped liking minivans!  They are better than  most trucks in every way except towing and payload.  Better than SUV's in every way!   You can put 4x8 sheets in them and close the hatch.  Out of the weather and safe from thieves, unlike a truck with wet OSB, drywall and boxes from the rain the night before, and finding you are missing half your load in the morning from the local zombies.  You can sleep in it on your fishing trip out of the elements.  No one can see the new snow blower you have in the back safe and sound.   And it gets 10mpg better than a truck.  And its more comfortable.  My wife likes the dark tinted windows in the back, though I will not explain why.  I don't see anything wrong with a high priced minivan.  

Pit Crew

Why would a collector vehicle insurance company review a mini van?  You should mark this as the advertisement for Chrysler that it is.  


This is a great question, and I hope this is a great answer: Hagerty is a collector vehicle company, yes --- but we also recognize that there's a whole world of drivers out there, and we aim to do something for each and every one of them. Also, I think you'd be surprised how many of our owners also have some sort of "practical vehicle" in their driveways, whether it's a pickup or a minivan or a plain-Jane sedan. It's true that some of our members have nothing but a 2020 Corvette and a 1963 Corvette, but those are the exceptions who prove the rule. So the reason to review a minivan is simple: our members and owners have minivans.
Advanced Driver

Agreed.  Jack could probably make the contents panel on a box of Wheaties an entertaining read!!


If you get the Hybrid you lose Stow-n-Go but gain real, comfortable second-row captains chairs - and a huge boost in fuel economy!


A very well-equipped mid-range FWD model can be had for under $45,000; that is the sweet spot, I think.  Sure more practical (and better-looking) than any of the four-door pickups that have infested suburbia; just not as macho though, I guess.


Intermediate Driver

I traded my 2005 Grand Caravan for a 2018 Pacifica Touring L. I was wanting another Caravan, but was told that it, the Voyager, and the Town and Country had all been dropped in favor of the Pacifica. My Caravan was purchased particularly for the Stow and Go function as my previous 2003 Caravan necessitated lugging the seats out and occupying a part of the house that the wife desired for real furniture.  I used it as a multi purpose vehicle, and I have hauled 4'x8' sheets of plywood, drywall (sheetrock), gravel and bicycles as well as other articles. It was my Covered Pickup.  My Pacifica is serving the same purpose - the seats are in the floor until I have need to haul passengers, and I usually have heavy boxes of materials that come and go as needed, as well as empty boxes used for keeping groceries in place whilst driving in traffic. I realize that not everyone is enamored of this beast of burden, but it is in my eyes an attractive box on wheels that makes my life a bit easier. This newest iteration of the Pacifica is interesting, but "out of my league" in that it has so many features that do not interest me at all, and would not be using. I like my 2018 with its 9 speed tranny and its being able to get out of its own way when needed, and it has most of the features that the newer ones have as well, which have yet to be used.