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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe High Country

Chevrolet will pay you $2700 to drive this truck. In a manner of speaking, of course. The brand-new-ish 2021 Tahoe is bigger than ever—particularly from stem to stern, with a 210-inch overall length that’s almost seven inches more than that of the outgoing model—but it’s still fifteen inches shorter than a 2021 Suburban, to which it is otherwise identical. How much does that extra fifteen inches’ worth of SUV cost General Motors? It’s impossible to say, but it’s almost certainly not almost three grand, which is the difference in price between a Tahoe and a Suburban, pretty much regardless of trim. So there’s some deliberate fudging-of-numbers going on here ...


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While you weren't impressed with how the interior worked, how did it feel? The Silverado High Country I sampled last year at the auto show had an interior that felt much more Chevy Malibu than Malibu, California. The switchgear and leather was cheaper than the Honda Accord Touring that cost half the price. I am well-aware that these SUVs are the default in this segment, and that interior design has never been a strength of modern GM. Yet the interior was so mediocre in that $70K Silverado it made me think that GM could throw away their empire if it carried over to the SUVs.

And damn, the Tahoe has gotten expensive. The top-trim GMT900 Tahoe, which is still newer than the powertrain in a new 4Runner, was $58K new when adjusted for inflation. Chevrolet has noticed the same thing your wife noticed judging by how they've priced this new Tahoe. To some, this smells like class warfare. I think it's the type of class warfare everyone here can support because I don't think the mid-engined Corvette would have been produced without it.


Oh, these materials are better than Honda --- probably about Ohio Acura grade.


I'll keep driving my 'boring' 2011 Toyota 4runner.  127,000 trouble free miles, can't say that about my cousins Tahoe that's had about $8,500 worth or work including a new transmission in the same time/ miles and still isn't right and needs more unrelated work now.  Maybe I'm jealous, I do love these big SUV's with their strong V-8's! 

New Driver

Had an 2009 Tahoe, loved it and just replaced it with a Kia Teleride, did not lose much in terms of space, in fact there is more space behind the back seat.  The Kia is put together well and has all the latest features,  I also have $25,000 I can spent elswhere.

Pit Crew

I’ve had great luck with my ‘07. 250k miles (bought it used with 50k on it) and have spent very little on problems. The only malfunction that angered me was a stuck AFM lifter that I was able to fix cheaply (at 240k) but would have been expensive otherwise. I agree with Jack (not just his mocking of Brayden/Jaiden/Kaden) that the styling is headed the wrong direction. I don’t want a Tahoe to look like a big Traverse/failBlazerquinox. And what’s wrong with a column shifter? There is no need to replace such a simple and intuitive mechanism. All in all I like the new Tahoe but I’ll wait to see how the rear, the silly sliding console and other gadgets hold up and consider a used one. Someone else can eat the depreciation. 


I’ll keep my 2012 Yukon Denali and spend all that saved cash on something else. Bought it new and has 132k problematic free miles on it. I service and maintenance it myself, when the engine finally gives up, I think I’ll just drop in an LS3 and put another 200k miles on it. 

Pit Crew

I'm curious how the push/pull shifting would handle a person pulling Drive and Reverse at the same time.  


It does nothing... I'm here testing this stuff!


The car/truck whatever it is is absurd. if you're going to do this, buy a one or two year old Silverado, or a Navigator and get one hell of a lot of transport. And yes, big trucks are pedestrian killers because of the illiterates who drive them, and the stupidity of management who allowed the concept to be approved in the first place. I'm sure I've made a lot of big truck owners angry so let me advise you about this: Because of the size of what you are driving the machine 

is potentially a threat to pedestrians who are frequently dumb enough not to obey traffic signals and so on. If you need this truck size for your trade or profession then bless you and enjoy. I think you got into an overpriced deal because your payments will be ridiculous but if you needed it so be it and good luck. For everybody else consign the vehicle, sell it and get into something you can afford, you can't walk under, and is quiet. 


Advanced Driver

Yep!  I'm with ya.  The only thing preventing this thing from growing bigger is the width of the road.


This isn't true for all trucks, but if a pedestrian walks in front of this Tahoe, it will hit the brakes on your behalf.

New Driver

The placement of the screen in (or rather ON) the dashboard is dreadful.  Looks like an eight-year-old superglued his iPad there.  Nope.  Keeping my old Yukon. 


Jack, you're wearing a mask!  How commendably responsible of you.


I used the Tahoe to rob a liquor store immediately afterwards, so it seemed prudent.


These behemoths are well-made and hold up well. With the incredible depreciation and similar attributes of earlier versions, why would folks be foolish enough to spend tens of thousands extra when the new model is INSTANTLY used....