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Review: 2021 Cadillac Escalade 2WD Premium

The Cadillac Escalade needs no introduction, a fact that is in and of itself worthy of introduction. Despite competing in a full-size luxury SUV segment teeming with new models, and despite coming from a brand that seems to grasp for new alphanumeric badges every six minutes, the Escalade has become a household name and a universally recognized vehicle. And oh, so successful—Cadillac says Escalade owners are its wealthiest customers, not to mention its youngest.


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The car shouts. Obvious and in the poorest of taste. If you want 4 wheel drive, buy a Jeep for a hell of a lot less money and nonsense or any 4 wheel drive Japanese version of same.

If you must have this kind of thing buy a Navigator. At least they are restrained.

Intermediate Driver