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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2021 Audi SQ5 Sportback

In early December 1972-exactly forty-nine years ago as of this writing-Apollo 17 set off for the moon. Commander Gene Cernan and crew would spend more than 22 hours walking­ and driving the lunar surface (compared to less than three for the crew of Apollo 11) and would take what is probably the most famous picture of planet Earth.
Pit Crew

Sportback? HUNCHBACK. Same for Teslas and BMWs, etc. with this look.
Fake wood interior, fake exhaust pipes? What are these people smoking?

4.7 0-60 is insulting
New Driver

There are those of us who think this is the perfect combination of performance and comfort, with an interior that doesn't intrude with gimmicks and gadgetry. I gave up my Macan with the endless array of buttons and faux ignition key, then ordered a "derivative and expected" SQ5. It's exactly what I want, but with an extra nod to practicality... I skipped the Sportback variant for the extra cargo room in the more traditional profile.

It's a tall hatchback but with less of the "U" in SUV because style means we have to sharply reduce the behind the seats space and maybe rear seat headroom too. These "coupe" SUV's make me laugh. BMW's is the worst but Mercedes is pretty close behind. Audi's pulls off the style better, looking less ridiculous but still suffering because of the back end treatment.

Happily, I've been proven WRONG so far... After watching a speeding Audi sedan's engine grenade many years ago and tales of costly turbo and trans issues I ended up loving an '07 Gallardo Spyder (which contains Audi ingredients) for FIVE full years and now in my second year with my '12 A3 Tdi Sportback, and what these 2 disparate rides have in common is that I have had ZERO issues! Granted I have spoiled them with love and care but again, I'm very pleased with these products. albeit as a resale buyer.