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Review: 2021 Aston Martin DBX

Aston Martin has been perennially unprofitable throughout its 107-year history, so every new car has been “make or break.” It’s gone bankrupt seven times. Yet never has there been a crucial new model quite like the DBX.


If all goes to plan—and things rarely do for Aston Martin—it will be the company’s best-selling model ever. It should drag the little British sports car maker to the sunny uplands of sustained profitability, boosting total production by 70 per cent. The DBX is also the company’s first SUV, as Aston Martin follows the lead of other European sports car makers which have compromised their sporting souls in the search for juicier profits—or, in Aston’s case, any profit at all. Even those sports car diehards Ferrari and Lotus have SUVs on the way.


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Replies (6)

Replies (6)

Q: Here is your new Aston Martin Mr. Bond. 

Bond: Where? All I see is a chicken coop with wheels. 

Q: It's the latest model Commander Bond. Four wheel drive, superior gun platform and all that.

Bond: How am I suppose to pick up any girls driving this monstrosity ?

Q: But the upholstery is handmade!

Bond: just give me my old Lotus. 

Q: It's in pieces 007. 

Bond: Then put the pieces together! Unless the mission is to infiltrate a gang of soccer moms I refuse to be seen in this POC. 

Q: But it has a Mercedes engine and transmission!

Bond: I rest my case.

Intermediate Driver

I am not a fan of SUVs, or whatever this is, and I'm sorry to say I think Aston Martin followed everybody else's ugliness as well. I think it's an excellent builder with fine engineering talent and this is mainly to chase the dollar/pound/drachma/shekel race. Many will laugh at me but I think we should be looking at some Domestic (american) station wagons that are older with a much more integrated design and less nonsensical and stupid electronics. I will be candid and say that all car manufacterers look at their customers and think that the majority are too stupid to make intelligent choices in traffic. If you live on the West Coast you would agree. I can drive my own collection, and none of it has all the dumb electronics. 

Intermediate Driver

You'll never see one off-road, ever.  Ons scratch or bump will put an owner back at least $10,000 easily.  It's interesting how the writer, Mr. Green, cautiously explained, certain characteristics as OK for this type of vehicle.  What that means is -  it's better than most SUV's but, it's still a big, lumbering SUV.  Think I'll buy some AM stock so I can sell short!

Pit Crew

There aren't many pure sports car makers out there anymore, are there? There's McLaren. Is that it? Must be some I can't think of right now. Morgan?


I have no problem with Jaguar or Bentley or even Alfa Romeo or Rolls-Royce doing rich soccer mom mobiles. They have had 4  door, multi-passenger, "utilitarian" automobiles in their history for a very long time. But for Porsche, Ferrari, and now Aston Martin, it's just really sad.

Pit Crew

I saw one of these in a beautiful Black at the Toronto autoshow in February... I don't like it in the Orange, but the black one was gorgeous and that little duck tail spoiler is just perfect 

Pit Crew

The front end looks much like our 2020 Escape.