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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2020 Volvo V60 Cross Country

"Did you bring the Volvo?"


Somehow, I knew my friend's question wasn't referring to my sun-faded 1986 wagon, whose over-enthusiastic heater ran at full blast even during the height of summer. No, the Swede in question was a polished $57,000 five-door which I had driven to visit him and his wife the previous week. The V60 Cross Country's creamy, leather-trimmed cabin and touchscreen rear temperature controls had apparently made an impression during his brief ride in the back seat. It was the first thing he said to me when we met up again.


"That was the nicest car I've ever sat in."


Definitely not the 245, then.


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Intermediate Driver

This is a real coup for the marketing department at Geely.

  Quoting your article "These days, the Swedish company builds full-on luxury cars".

After reading about how proud Geely (the chinese automaker) was, with the launch of their new Volvos, made entirely in china.

 So they are importing chinese Volvos into the American market. Is it possible that the US buyers believe they are getting a fine Swedish car ?

Hagerty Employee

- I think you're overstating the case a bit - as @Marty_D mentioned above, Volvo's also got a plant in South Carolina and major ones in Gothenberg (Sweden) and Belgium. Unlike the V90, the V60 Cross Country isn't of pure Swedish stock—though final assembly occurs in Sweden, 20% of the parts come from Belgium and the transmission is Japanese—but it isn't strictly a Chinese import, either.

Promoting Chinese products is a really important and noble thing to be doing in 2020. Thanks for your service!

New Driver

These look really good, and drive nicely. When it was time to trade-in our previous-gen V60 FWD wagon, we looked at these, but opted for the new(er) XC60 AWD. Now that I've driven the SUV for a while, I have to say...I miss the wagon!


I really miss the lower center-of-gravity of the wagon, and an overall driving/owning experience that's "lower profile"--in every way. But there is a substantial cargo difference in real world use, and I was able to haul a LOT more in the SUV for this summer's home improvement projects.


I get the unease with Chinese ownership. They still build many cars in Sweden, and have a new plant in South Carolina (which itself raises questions with their anti-union stance, etc.). But part of expanding your market is expanding your players....


FWIW, we stuck with Volvo because they treated us very well on previous car. Had an engine problem that required replacing pistons and rings (!!). Despite the car being well out of warranty MFR's warranty, Volvo North America stepped in and said they'd fix it free of charge, including the use of what turned out to be a brand new XC90 for six weeks while they ordered parts/did work. After having been party to unresolved disputes with Audi, BMW, Porsche and Infiniti, was really impressed with Volvo's willingness to do the right thing--and without hassle. 

Hagerty Employee

Thanks for sharing your experience! I can definitely see how the taller SUV makes IKEA or Home Depot trips easier, but I definitely agree with you on the appeal of "lower-profile" driving experience. It's always a give and take.
Hagerty Fan
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Wonder if the cabin filter comes standard with covid-19.

Pit Crew

Just fix the heater and keep “the brick”.  Not as classy but every bit what a car should be.

Hagerty Employee

That's exactly what I did! Just gotta get the defroster fan working (...yikes...) and it'll be a true year-rounder.