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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2020 Toyota 86 GT | Hagerty Media

Eight years is a lifetime in the dealership showroom. Toyota and Subaru joined forces to produce the FR-S and BRZ for the 2013 model year, and since then the scenery around these rear-drive two-door twins has shifted. One big change: Scion is history, which means as of 2017 this car is no longer sold as the FR-S.
Intermediate Driver

Really a shame how expensive these got especially considering how many similar to new, used options are out there. Seems like Toyota wants to keep sales incredibly low

There's nothing wrong with this car that an aluminum 6.0 LS couldn't fix...
Community Manager

LSX-FTW as always 

Advanced Driver

Subaru? Thats a death knell in a Toyota for me.With all the great engines Toyota makes it makes no sense.
Hagerty Employee

Because the car is engineered and built by Subaru, it's that company's engine. Practically speaking, the biggest advantage of Subaru's engine, rather than Toyota's, is that the packaging of flat-four means the engine can be placed low in the vehicle, offering lower center of gravity and more favorable handling characteristics consistent with the intended character of the vehicle.

Fifteen years ago, I wanted a small two-seat roadster as I remembered my friends had in the sixties. These cars were typically English or Italian roadsters that handled well but, were low on power. They were designed to travel on lonely back roads where 50mph was exciting. (The joke to achieve performance was to get up to speed and never slow down.) They also had histories of unreliability. My pick was a 2002 bmw m roadster; German originated engine, (it was imported to the U.S. where the rest of the car was assembled) two seats, gobs of power, manual transmission, and descent handling. (Re: handling; The base Z-3 frame tended to flex but, that was resolved with the installation of the Strong Strut trio; a stress bar up front, another in back called a Butt-Strut and two frame support rails along the chassis.) The 86 and BRZ are great looking but, with over 300 hp, an almost 8,000 rpm capability and 0 - 60 times under 5 seconds, this "old", analog car leaves them (and a lot of very expensive/exotic cars) wondering what just passed and left them in the dust.
Advanced Driver

My base 2015 Mustang GT Performance Pack was $35K out the door brand new 5 years ago. Have car prices gone up so much that now you only get 200HP for about the same amount of money?
These Subyotas are ok at $25K. Heck, you could probably get a used Mustang GT for that much...

I get what you’re saying, but you’re comparing two totally different cars. The BRZ was designed for handling. The Mustang was not (although the newer rear end helps). A base BRZ is $28,845. A base GT is $35,880. The Mustang will win on the straights, the BRZ will embarrass the GT in the curves. The BRZ is aimed at the folks that prefer smaller, lighter, better handing cars. The GT not so much. As a side note, having owned cars from both manufacturers I can tell you that the Subaru is better built. I like my Ford, but quality is most assuredly not Job #1.
As for HP, it is but a small part of the overall price, not the majority factor.
Advanced Driver

I get what you are saying when it comes to quality. I owned an 04 STI for four years and my wife currently drives a 12 Tribeca. Both owned since new and the quality has been good. Better than any Ford for sure. When it comes to performance, for all practical purposes, the Mustang is vastly superior. On the street or on the track the Mustang will win. Yes, you can design an autocross circuit where the BRZ will shine but you could probably do that with any car. If you were to modify them with similar budgets the Mustang will quickly become a beast in handling and with huge power gains. The BRZ probably not so much. You could always LS swap it I guess, but that wouldnt be a BRZ anymore...
Hagerty Fan
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BLA BLA. This time a Subaru, last time a BMW. Will the real ToyoTRD please stand up?
Pit Crew

The installation of a properly engineered and executed supercharger kit remedies any mid-range torque deficiencies. And most others as well.

Why would Toyota soil themselves rebadging a BMW and now a Subaru? Odd. Toyota can stand on it's own.

Sorry I didn't read the whole article, I may be totally off base.