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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2020 Subaru WRX Series.White | Hagerty Media

For 2022, Subaru will introduce a new WRX sport sedan. Before we start riffling through spy photos, mentally undressing camouflaged pre-production Subies, we should recognize the outgoing generation's successful run since the 2015 model year.
Advanced Driver

PSA: Don't let the dealer talk you into an ECU re-flash to free up the missing STI-level performance. The engine will still fail when you get on it, but Subaru will have a harder time denying you warranty coverage if you don't let the dealer modify the engine management.
Intermediate Driver

When all is said and done, is that a 2019? Still not exciting to look at and the interior still looks too plastic. And, you won't get out of the dealer for less than $40K with a car that truly flies under the radar. (If that's what you like/want!)
Advanced Driver

Looks like an older Nissan Altima to me. The old round eye, bug eye or whatever they call it WRXwas the best looking of the bunch to me. Is there still a wagon option? If not there should be.
New Driver

It's not exactly the same target demo, but for $1700 more you're into a base STI. That gains you ~40 HP, a more rear view intrusive wing, and loses you ~4 MPG and some refinement. You make the call.