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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2020 Subaru Outback Onyx Edition XT | Hagerty Media

Around the Kroger parking lots and state park trailheads of southeast Michigan, one of the most familiar silhouettes is that of a Subaru Outback-often covered to the door handles in chalk-colored dust or splashed with winter sludge. What do the good people of the Midwest-and the Pacific Northwest, the Southeast, and most of America-love so much about this lifted wagon?
Pit Crew

I am on my fourth Outback, (2019) Premium w 3.6.
THey were giving great deals on them.
Originally bought the 2003 (#1) because it had a 5 spd, I do miss that but since I am 70, I have to consider old age. Our two boys learned to drive a stick, good life skill....
When its time for a new car, the big question is what color Outback.
Also had a 2006 WRX in the mix, most fun per dollar.
Sadly sold the WRX to buy a Dodge Caravan when my wife got into showing dogs.
Buying a Subie is like joining a cult, and I am in, though I dont think the Onyx is for me.
Yeah, I still have the Firehawk.
New Driver

OK, but holding on to my 1996 and 1997 crank window, stick shift, beautiful green Subaru Brightons!
Intermediate Driver

I like the Hagerty road test reviews, they don't seem like blanket approval of every car and edition. I agree that this Onyx edition seems to be just an extra trim and not worth it. But I bet it will sell.  My only issue with Subies' is the CVT. I am not saying this to sound like an elites or to knock the car. I am hoping that some of you that have these cars give some feed back on how you like the cvt.  Other reviews that I've read are obviously not from the enthusiast community and you folks are enthusiasts. Let us know your thoughts. Thanks

Pit Crew

"The Outback nameplate initially designated the sole wagon version of the Legacy sedan." In what world? Legacy has always had a wagon version-they just stopped selling it here in 2012 because we (not me) are so wagon adverse.
Pit Crew

Outback been around for 25 years, not 15.
Hagerty Employee

I'm measuring that 15 years counting from 2005, when Subaru began the Outback's SUV-ification with the lift job. 

Hagerty Employee

Thanks for the close read, cdkrek. Have tweaked the reference to clarify that the Outback name was first a trim level on the Legacy wagon - the only Legacy-based wagon Subaru made at the time, though now it (globally) fields two.
Hagerty Employee

Appreciate the feedback, Jost. Agree that it'll probably sell well, on sporty image alone. Honestly, the CVT wasn't intrusive, unless you tried to take over shifting with the paddle shifters. Then it wanted to take back control as soon as possible. I'm very curious to test the six-speed manual in the Crosstrek ...
New Driver

My wife had an '05 Outback 3.0R and still has a '12 Outback 3.6R, but we may do some cross-shopping before buying another Outback. I'm not a fan of CVTs, although my direct experience with them has been in wretched Nissan rental cars. Supposedly, Honda and Subaru do a better job with their CVTs. I do have firsthand experience with the festival of beeps and flashes from driving my mother-in-law's '19 Forester. Car and Driver has also noted Subaru's hyperactive safety nannies, and they are annoying! I have a similar set of safety features in my '18 Mazda 6, and they're not nearly as intrusive.