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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2020 McLaren Speedtail

When the stories about the McLaren Speedtail start to filter out, as they will over time, you’re going to read a lot about how fast it is. Perhaps that shouldn’t be surprising, given that once its traction limitations have been overcome, the Speedtail posts a faster 0–186 mph time than a Bugatti Chiron. (13 seconds flat, since you asked.)


Since I remain one of just two journalists to have driven it, and the only one to have done so on a public road, let me tell you: This is a car with plenty of qualities I’d value far beyond its straight-line-speed capability. Had I flung it down a runway rather than guided it across southern England, perhaps my perspective would be different. But I doubt it.


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Hagerty Employee

Bravo, McLaren. Also what's that steering wheel made of??

Hagerty Employee

tiny witches.