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Review: 2020 McLaren GT

If our membership data here at Hagerty is in any way accurate, then it's reasonable to expect that a few of our members and readers are getting ready to take delivery of a new McLaren supercar right now. A few more are starting their search for such a car, while still more are narrowing down their potential choices from the broadest supercar market in history.


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Intermediate Driver

"Looks like a Corvette from one angle..." 


Actually, from several angles IMHO!  Indeed, I wonder which came first, the chicken or the egg?


The resemblance in the metal/fiberglass isn't as strong as it is in pictures, largely because the McLaren is a more dramatically proportioned car.
Intermediate Driver

If one could graph my enthusiasm for a quarter-million car in relation to my financial situation, they would find that I am less and less enthusiastic of _actually_ dropping said 250Ks for a car whose manufacturer was in a serious money crush just months before, their charismatic (well...) manager left the company, and they are plagued with well-publicized reliability issues, only to be distracted from by the awfulness of their dealer network. So the question really is, are you willing to put up with all of that just to be able to drive a McLaren, or just do what everybody else does when they get a load of cash to spend on an outrageous vehicle: buy a Lamborghini. Or a GT-anything Porsche if you're a bore like me. A bore that cares about his money.

Intermediate Driver

For me, this is the car McLaren should put the six speed manual in.  This is the car to take out and enjoy a spirited drive on the weekend that ends some place special.  Then, for me, it would truly be an Aston beater.

Pit Crew

If I had the money for a supercar, it would be something exotic and rare and hard to get in and out of, loud and hot inside, hard seats and very expensive to maintain but tell my friends it was the best investment I have ever made and smile every time I got into it. 


You following me? You know what would be fun, you drive and review my senna in napa valley and we verbally abuse each other locked inside the car. We recant stories about you prank calling my house and being banned repeatedly in TCL. A short love affair follows. xxxooo Anothercar