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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2020 Land Rover Defender 110 SE

After more than 20 years of absence, Land Rover brought the Defender back to the U.S. late this year. When the previous (and, until recently, only) Defender left the U.S. market there were plenty of options for buyers looking for a rugged off-road SUV with a real four-wheel-drive system and a low-range transfer case. The list of offerings that have come and gone—or that have just gone—in that time is lengthy: Montero, Trooper, Blazer, Xterra, Cherokee, Commander ... Thankfully, Land Rover saw fit to bring this one back, but it’s not quite the same blocky, utilitarian workhorse it once was.


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New Driver

I hate to be "that guy" but as an ex Defender 90 owner and a major enthusiast (created back in the day) that is NOT an evolution of the Defender, the new Bronco is.  They really missed a chance to give the brand a great image boost I believe, and it makes me sad.

New Driver

I agree. I am an owner of three series Land Rovers and always appreciated the defender up until the last models in 2015/16. This new model is a disappointment as it removes any diversity from the rest of the LR line up. The Grenadier by INEOS is what the next generation of the Defender should have been
Pit Crew

Agreed. Unibody with independent suspension. This vehicle is about ride quality on paved roads. It's basically a honda pilot but with less reliability (IMHO).

Who gives a flip?

New Driver

Based on past history, I suspect the problem (s) will be questions regarding build quality and reliability.  Only after a long term test period can you truly gauge the potential success of this new evolution. At this level and price it comes with big expectations.


Got an invitation to TEST DRIVE one from JLR. Filled out the form online and they phoned to set up the TEST DRIVE with the local dealer. Showed up for the TEST DRIVE and was permitted to look at one in the showroom. TEST DRIVE? Now only available with putting down a full deposite. A complete waste of time. Never been treated as rudely at a dealership. I own Two Land Rovers. But no more. I don't buy cars from a$$holes.

Intermediate Driver

Can you run a sawmill with it, bush hog and put sheep in the back like a “real” Defender?  No?  

Look at a replacement for the Defender

Hagerty Employee

Land Rover did not provide any sheep, for storage space consideration or otherwise.

Intermediate Driver

Most of this review was about cupholders, storage space and such. This shows what this car is all about, the modern version of the suburban minivan.

New Driver

Talk to me in 3 years, when you sell it at a massively depreciated price.  Such vehicles do not hold their value.  

Pit Crew

I had two LRs  although neither was Defender, since they were gone before I could afford one. I always liked the boxy original and its no-nonsense approach. I have been waiting a long time for the new ones and I understand the criticism from the true Defender folks. Its really not in the same mold. But I am not really sure that a there is a very large market for vehicles like that any more. Things have moved upscale in the off-road category, at least for LR's clientele. If this thing will tow my RV then I might go for a 90. I like the smaller footprint. At the (Covid) rate these things are coming out, I may be too old by the time they get around to it!

Intermediate Driver

No more exciting new cars to write about?  Have to write about yet another boring SUV...zzzzzzzzzzzzz.  This is no Defender.


I was disappointed at the final design. to much Jeep Compass on the rear design and typical SUV front. I was looking for the boxy retro defender. Having purchased a Range Rover and in lieu the Defender, (Wifes choice) in 1997 I loved the style. Later owning a Discovery I got a little closer to the boxy look but was never the same.

Advanced Driver

Yeah, I don't think anyone will be taking a $72K vehicle on a jaunt across the desert. But many "yuppies" love to LOOK tough, like they could if they wanted to.  Same with most big SUVs and pickups, and Jeep Wranglers. The REAL off roaders pick up 10+ year old models then modify to do what they want. Real Jeeps/off-road vehicles are BUILT, not BOUGHT (unless you buy from a shop that builds them...)!!

Pit Crew

If you want one of these,  lease it and turn it back before the warranty expires.  Your wallet will thank you. 

Pit Crew

It looks like every other SUV and if my experience with earlier versions of automobiles built by JLR is any indication, it will come with a check engine light that never goes off, and something will be throwing it into limp home mode intermittantly and repairs will be often and exorbitant if they can be done at all.


I confess that my 1991 Suzuki Sidekick JX lacks like 95% of the content of this $70K toy. Mine cost $4500 about 12 years ago and is worth AT LEAST that much today!! Although my seats aren't air conditioned and "infotainment" is limited to my singing and CD player, I must say I have no intention of cooling my rear to the tune of MUCHO $$$$!!


When you buy a Land Rover ,you will usually get 8 land rovers for The price of one. When you bring Yours in for repair , you will probably bring back 2 loners for repair. I know this first hand. I am two busy for all the drama. I bought a Toyota Landcruiser ,never brought it in for repairs .


"A pair of large knobs in the center stack handle multiple functions of the HVAC and Terrain Response. This took a bit of getting used to, as several functions required a button press before the knob toggled to the intended function. A two-day test of the vehicle isn’t enough time to get used to any of these functions, but it may be something that becomes second nature."


Anything that's not intuitive in five minutes shouldn't be in the vehicle.