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Review: 2020 Honda Ridgeline RTL-E AWD

No matter how you feel about the second-generation Honda Ridgeline, you can’t deny the fundamental honesty of the thing. It’s predecessor was basically a Honda Pilot SUV with a minimum-viable-product bed in place of the third row, dressed up in a style best described as “steampunk bewildered.” The current Ridgeline dispenses with that pretense. From most angles, it could be mistaken for a Pilot—or even an Odyssey minivan. If you need a Pilot with some exposed cargo space, this is the vehicle for you. 


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We have an 07 we bought used, it's primarily my wife's as automatic transmissions give me a rare and annoying twitching condition. We call it the TruckUV and I too consider it a four door El Camino. It tows enough to bring home a small sports car and the bed is enough to haul oily engines, transmissions, yard clippings and other assorted trappings of modern living. As for looks, I can't image why I'd care what it looks like, its a utility vehicle not a designer purse.

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