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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2020 Ferrari SF90 Stradale

When I started doing this job in 1988, Ferrari had not long before released a handy little device called the F40. It was not just the fastest Ferrari yet, it was the fastest road car from any mainstream manufacturer, ever, and the first indeed to boast a documented top speed on the sphincter-puckering side of 200 mph. It had 478 hp, a figure those of us too junior to be let loose in such weaponry regarded with slack-jawed awe. Spool forward 30 something years to the launch of the SF90, another twin-turbo, mid-engine, two seat V-8 Ferrari.


This one has 986 hp.


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New Driver

Love reading Andrew's reviews. Great work. 

New Driver

Awesome driver-centric review Andrew! Re: the exterior design... Having declared more than a decade ago my undying love for the original 458 Italia, I'm suffering from a heaping helping of cognitive dissonance between every viewing angle of the SF90 *except* anything involving the back end! SRSLY... did Ferarri out-source that tail to Chris Bangle?