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Review: 2020 Chevrolet Corvette 2LT (Non-Z51)

This is the only Corvette that matters. This one, right here. Not in the sense that the Clash was once "the only band that matters." Quite the opposite, in fact. People used to say that about the Clash so you understood they were too sophisticated to listen to Led Zeppelin or Boston. (While at the same time not being sophisticated enough to listen to Ornette Coleman or something like that.) It was meant to be a marker of superior discretion, albeit not that superior. Snob appeal for Main Street, if you will.


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Thank You for testing the C8 most of us actually buy (about 50% of production) and drive at mostly legal speeds on city streets and highways.  I've learned from first-hand experience (4 Corvettes owned) that you don't need -- and will never use -- the capabilities of Z51 and MagneRide, especially if you never set foot on a race track.  In fact, the base FE1 suspension is amazingly supple and the brakes are outstanding.  Better to spend extra money on truly practical options like Front Lift, wheel locks (should be mandatory) and appearance/convenience upgrades.  No question, this car is a real game changer.

Pit Crew