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Review: 2020 Chevrolet Corvette 2LT (Non-Z51)

This is the only Corvette that matters. This one, right here. Not in the sense that the Clash was once "the only band that matters." Quite the opposite, in fact. People used to say that about the Clash so you understood they were too sophisticated to listen to Led Zeppelin or Boston. (While at the same time not being sophisticated enough to listen to Ornette Coleman or something like that.) It was meant to be a marker of superior discretion, albeit not that superior. Snob appeal for Main Street, if you will.


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I have owned Corvettes since 1971.  I have many Corvette friends and acquaintances.  So many of them were negative toward the C8 until they saw it.  One friend sent me a pic of one at a car show and said, "I was wrong about this car before.  Now that I've seen it in person, I LOVE it!"  And I think that speaks for a lot of people.  

I've told them all this is the car Chevrolet had to build.  It is intended for a new generation of buyer.  If the traditional Corvette buyers buy it, that's great.  But there are only so many of them who are buying cars like that now.  If the Corvette brand is to survive, it had to evolve.  And whether everyone likes it or not, this is the evolution of one of the greatest cars ever made.  

I am proud to say I've owned Corvettes for 49 years.  I hope there is a generation 49 years from now who will say the same thing.

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