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Review: 2020 Chevrolet Corvette 2LT (Non-Z51)

This is the only Corvette that matters. This one, right here. Not in the sense that the Clash was once "the only band that matters." Quite the opposite, in fact. People used to say that about the Clash so you understood they were too sophisticated to listen to Led Zeppelin or Boston. (While at the same time not being sophisticated enough to listen to Ornette Coleman or something like that.) It was meant to be a marker of superior discretion, albeit not that superior. Snob appeal for Main Street, if you will.


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Sinister, Batmobile-looking photos by Mr. Trahan! I love the look of this base without the rear deck spoiler and in this color. Having driven a Z51 C8 some on twisty mountain roads (and spent considerable seat time in every gen through my former gig), I fell in love with it. Maybe not the "purist" Corvette architecture, which does make the car feel and look very different, but it is a much needed leap forward, having wrung all they could from the front-engine setup. Zora was right.

Hagerty Employee