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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2020 BMW X5 M Competition

By now, the concept of a high-performance SUV with ungodly horsepower, stupendous capability, and a heinous sticker price should be familiar. That reality is itself remarkable; what twenty years ago would have been considered a nonsensical engineering exercise for a nonexistent buyer is, well … let’s just say that today there are plenty of buyers. Finance executives working at BMW HQ in Munich and BMW North America in New Jersey might be gnawing their cuticles with anxiety about how many rear-drive 2 Series coupes would need to sell to justify a new generation; the $128,000 X5 M we recently tested lulls them to undisturbed REM sleep with the promise of sweet profits ... Read the full review on


Pit Crew

Next time Hagerty might want to have a writer that understands the BMW and the specific M brand.  I found the writer to be overly critical of what makes an M vehicle an M product, almost to a point of promoting other brands and denigrating the X5 M.  The point of the vehicle is for those who understand and appreciate the engineering.  Those with a desire for a quality turn-in, braking, acceleration understand those components and that is why they prefer the X5 M.  A detuned version of every M vehicle is available if a driver so chooses less performance.  This article may come across as biased against the attributes of a true M and the brand in whole.  I will keep an eye out for Eric's articles to see if bias is part of his writing style or reserved for specific brands.

Hagerty Employee

Hello Alpina -- thanks for your feedback. I'm a BMW owner and longtime fan. Owner of a 2001 Z3 roadster, and I've been lucky enough to enjoy driving all manner of M cars from the M Coupe to the E46 M3, F30 M3, multiple M5s, and an entire year with a BMW M2. It's these (almost exclusively positive) experiences with BMW and the M brand that shaped my perspective on the X5 M. In the past, the M brand was a lot more about driver engagement rather than pure specs and bragging rights. I appreciate the passion you seem to have for the BMW brand, something I also share, but this car in my opinion does not represent its best traits—the ones that built its reputation in the first place.
Intermediate Driver

I understand the X 5M has several (7-10) cooling systems.  That alone will make buying and maintaining one a daunting experience.  One or more will surely malfunction and $$$$ will surly follow.

Hagerty Employee

The cooling fans stay running for an astoundingly long time after shut-down. At one point I ran into a coffee shop to pick up an espresso, was gone for maybe 6 or 7 minutes and the beast was still heaving when I got back. Pretty unbelievable engine--fabulously smooth, crazy torque, and it sounds excellent.

Pit Crew

Interesting to me that we're having this convo on performance SUV's.  Sport Utility Vehicles...or in the case of BMW SAV...whatever.  We are witnessing the shift of what the world considers a performance vehicle.  I guess I'm too old to think of that being a 2 door coupe with a V8, rear wheel drive, and manual xmission.  I'm feeling very old at the moment.  

Community Manager

Very true. And just about everything in the higher price range of a BMW has to be a performance vehicle these days, too. (See Cadillac making non-Cadillacs as another example)


Really enjoyed this article, and it seems to me that the author understands all too well what has happened to BMW and its M Division over the past 15 years or so. 

More's the pity...