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Review: 2020 Audi R8 Performance

Just as the 2020 zombie apocalypse was hitting its peak, Audi offered up a new R8 for us to play with for a few weeks. Perhaps the automaker felt more comfortable handing us the key to its $215,150 wondercar knowing full well that there wasn’t any place to go in it. A long road trip was out as hotels were closed and townsfolk were looking askance at anyone with out-of-state plates. We would have to pack a picnic for any lengthy day trip because restaurants were mostly shut up tight. In fact, the best place to drive a 602-hp super coupe at that moment was through downtown Los Angeles, which was as empty as ancient Carthage after the Romans worked out their anger management issues on it.


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I do miss my days with Audi, and all the events I was able to attend. Including the 1999 24hrs du Man, and the launch of the first R8 street version in Arizona. And it had 3 pedals, and I did manage to get a little sideways coming out of a corner, but it corrected itself flawlessly. I hope the R8, in whatever configuration, never goes away. Just sayin.

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