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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2020 Audi R8 Performance

Just as the 2020 zombie apocalypse was hitting its peak, Audi offered up a new R8 for us to play with for a few weeks. Perhaps the automaker felt more comfortable handing us the key to its $215,150 wondercar knowing full well that there wasn’t any place to go in it. A long road trip was out as hotels were closed and townsfolk were looking askance at anyone with out-of-state plates. We would have to pack a picnic for any lengthy day trip because restaurants were mostly shut up tight. In fact, the best place to drive a 602-hp super coupe at that moment was through downtown Los Angeles, which was as empty as ancient Carthage after the Romans worked out their anger management issues on it.


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Intermediate Driver

For the writer. You need to read the book called. Writing Without Bull**bleep**.


Re: "The only solution is to always shift the transmission manually. Which would be a lot more pleasing if it was an actual manual transmission rather than an arcade-game facsimile of one with paddles".

No Kidding. This is why I'll be looking for an earlier R8 that has three pedals, not paddles.


New Driver

Three references to Porsches.  Perhaps one if better to have a sports car with four less cylinders and one more pedal, like my ten-year-old Carrera 4S?


Funny thing, I seem to recall the first mass production V-10 was in the Viper and Dodge trucks. Different engines, same architecture. It also had the Push Button To Start on the IP. Hearing all of these backhanded compliments kind of makes me think that this is an interesting, but no thanks, car. 


Pick up a used Gallardo! I had a 5 year affair with an Arancia Borealis (Orange) Spider... One HOT love affair.... Final cost of 1000 miles travelled $70 PER MILE!!! And I bought her used! Would not change a thing!!! A "Carguy" BIG O for sure!!!!

Pit Crew

I do miss my days with Audi, and all the events I was able to attend. Including the 1999 24hrs du Man, and the launch of the first R8 street version in Arizona. And it had 3 pedals, and I did manage to get a little sideways coming out of a corner, but it corrected itself flawlessly. I hope the R8, in whatever configuration, never goes away. Just sayin.