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Hagerty Employee

Revealed: Nissan Z Proto concept

Nissan finally pulled the silk off its Z Proto this evening, offering a long-anticipated preview of what the production version (expected to be called the 400Z) will look like. After a steady trickle of teasers and invitations for speculation, we’re happy to see it in full. Read the full article on


Intermediate Driver

Good on Nissan for doing what Toyota should have done but did not with the Supra: offer a manual transmission. The car looks pretty good, and ready for production except for the grille.

I am aware that the grille is supposed to be a reference to Zs of the past. But here it just looks like it was slapped on in the last minute after the designers realized they were working on a traditional car, not an EV.

Pit Crew

This one looks like a winner, all the right cues from the past and all the current atributes added, I would like one!!

Intermediate Driver

Nice!  I didn't read the whole thing, but looking at it I doubt it does- but would be cool to have 2 small back seats.  The front grill area is a little odd looking.  And yes as another stated, Toyota totally blew it with the Supra, in many ways.  


I trust there will be a convertible.  I previously owned a convertible 370Z that I absolutely loved!


Love the hood and grill. While the blank area to the left and right of the grill looks empty from some angles, I liked the look so much on my 240Z that I didn't replace the bumper when it got bent. 


Work to do on the grill shape for sure- looks like someone whipped out a saws-all and had at it!  Rear tail light treatment is a bit odd as well- would have gone for the more nostalgic separated light treatment myself a-la 240, 260Z with a blacked out rear- more Kamm-Back look-


It would look better with round headlights. I know it. You know it. Nissan knows it. Just give it round headlights. It would fix the gaping maw look of a front grille. 

New Driver

The problem with the picture showing the old and the protoype is that I still like the looks of the 240Z so much better.

Pit Crew

In 1983 my future wife bought a brand new 280Z. (No, I did not marry her so I could drive the car. LOL). Here in Canada, the car she bought cost $ 14K + $ 10K for EVERY available Nissan option. It was a 5 speed stick & at that time was 1 of the best handling cars I had ever driven. Beautiful to look at (my wife as well), smooth, quick & sporty, it was a pleasure to drive. Still have the wife, but unfortunately not the car. Will have to wait & see when it comes out, might be a great surprise gift!