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Revealed: Nissan Z Proto concept

Nissan finally pulled the silk off its Z Proto this evening, offering a long-anticipated preview of what the production version (expected to be called the 400Z) will look like. After a steady trickle of teasers and invitations for speculation, we’re happy to see it in full. Read the full article on


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camaro, stang, charger, etc 'did it' - Y not these folks? Same as those 4 is this, all 'painted with the same brush' which is unfortunate. As different as these 4 cars originally were - why "21st century them" the same way?  Because "that's the corporate way".  Reminds me of the music industry.  The corporations often dictate it.  All must 'have the same sound' to be sold.  Thus today we can id each era by the music.  Speak to the artists and they will tell U "to cut a record I had to xxx. The AnR man said more xxx (horns, strings), different tempo, higher register (etc)."  Still, nice to see it 'back'.

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