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Hagerty Employee

Revealed: Nissan Z Proto concept

Nissan finally pulled the silk off its Z Proto this evening, offering a long-anticipated preview of what the production version (expected to be called the 400Z) will look like. After a steady trickle of teasers and invitations for speculation, we’re happy to see it in full. Read the full article on


Pit Crew

What a disappointment.  Another missed opportunity to produce a good looking car.  There's nothing original here.  It's just the old design language regurgitated, and it's just as ugly.  Nissan's stylists are their own worst enemy.  Fire the whole lot and start over.


Well iv been a auto technician  for over 35 yrs and i worked on the 240z and 20z the 280z and ZX models for many many years . My family owned a Auto shop called Z-World located in Redondo Beach California and we seen so many Z car's and owners that love these cars and i to am one that likes the older model but this new concept is a good look. But there missing the option of a rear wing for this vehicle which i think will really make it stand out . If they did such a thing it will put them in the class of being a competitor with the Porsche erra too i believe besides the the Nissan GTR twin turbo 1000hp vehicle. This Z looks like it could be added into that catagory and should be too.  Its got everything the GTR does so why not ? Just add the wing a fixed one or even one that goes under the speed were it comes out by speed like the Porsche and then ill guarantee this car will become one of the top 5 cars out there today!!! Good Going Nissan keep up the good work on the Z cars .!!!