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Hagerty Employee

Revealed: Jeep Grand Wagoneer concept

Nantucket well-to-dos and Jackson Hole jet-setters, rejoice: The revival of the Jeep Grand Wagoneer begins now, with the unveiling of the Grand Wagoneer Concept pictured here. Jeep’s return—tardy though it may be—to the three-row premium SUV market doesn’t just revive a nameplate too-long absent from the brand’s portfolio; it signals a clear ambitions to challenge Chevrolet and Ford. And judging by the degree of luxury this concept presents, Jeep isn’t just getting its feet wet. The Grand Wagoneer will be wading upstream to battle premium brands like Lincoln, BMW, and Cadillac.


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Hagerty Employee

How do I get the feeling that the field for Fancy Twisty Pushy Button Design is just booming right now??

New Driver

Catches my eye, but $100K......?  That is a bit more than we paid for my wife’s loaded GLS 550!

Pit Crew

Looks like Lincoln built a Cherokee.

Intermediate Driver

Yes, "Looks like Lincoln built a Cherokee".  I give it a C-.  Interior looks pretty sweet.  They should have blatantly copied the OLD Wagoneer exterior in every way possible visually, just cleaned it up, made it a tad sleeker, and call it retro. 


Needs more faux wood grain on the exterior.

Intermediate Driver

welcome to the 21st century boys...

(I'll just stay here, y'all go on ahead~


“You had ONE job”!  Ugh.  Interior is beautiful but the exterior?  Looks like the result of a one night stand between a Lincoln Navigator and Honda Pilot.  Where’s my morning after cigarette? Seriously, Fiat, if the only nod to the original is a wood accent on the luggage rail (7-slots on the grille is a bit of a stretch), then you truly should name this something else.  

Frankly I’ll be embarrassed for the person that purchases such an abomination. Upside: The owner won’t have to worry about a non-operational rear window. 🙂


Nice work Jeep, but can it pull a horse trailer?


Hideous looking. And the main reason not to buy it, in one word: Fiat.