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Hagerty Employee

Revealed: 2024 Volkswagen ID. Buzz

Whether you slept in one at Woodstock, passed the many that once clogged the right lanes of America's freeways, or inherited one when your grandparents finally bought an Acura and moved to The Villages in Florida, the VW Microbus has spent six decades clattering into our hearts.
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New Driver

Completely misses the mark !
Headlights are ALL wrong and the design does not pick up enough of the retro features and look - it’s basically a VW mini van !!!! Sad - it could of been awesome !
Lack of creativity is now the norm in the car industry…..
New Driver

I think if VW is bringing back the transporter then they should also produce the Westphalia camper as an option.
I think it would be a real hit.
New Driver

A good option would be to also bring back the Westphalia
Intermediate Driver

VW Group is the largest automaker on the planet. They will do ok on this minivan. It won't be cheap. It will cost somewhere close to $40k out the door. It's not for everyone. It's just a German made minivan that happens to be electric like just about all new cars in the next 5 years. It will take a while before electric vehicles drop well below the $30k price of the inexpensive gasoline Toyotas, Hondas and the like. But soon all of the lower price cars will be electric and of course the price curve will move up from that slightly under $25k range for good basic new car transportation. However I can see the new EVs definitely selling for under the $30k corrected for inflation. The oil companies are having no problem continuously raising their prices for any made up reason they want. The demand curve for gasoline will remain inflexible because of all the big V8 trucks, SUVs and luxury cars that will be out there for some time. I think big oil still has close to 10 years to gouge drivers of gasoline vehicles.

Other than being electric this VW minivan will only be exciting for upper income families with at least 2 or more kiddies.
New Driver

A few of us were talking so excited to get this thing, rip out the electrical components, heavy batteries and put a gas or Diesel engine, so we can really cruise as long as we want with unlimited liquid fuel stations across America. Since still, with all the tax credits and incentives as well as pushing the electric vehicles, less than 2% of all vehicle sold or electric in the United States! Once Biden wakes up and we can America can drill on the530 years of known oil fields, our country would enjoy one of these with a real engine in it!
Pit Crew

Europe: After very nice sales numbers of retro look cars like the Mini Cooper and Fiat 500, VW took a very very long time to finally come with this answer. And now the design is totally wrong allover. Only the colors give a hint to the past. How a desaster.
Intermediate Driver

Sure to be a hit! I might even be tempted.
Intermediate Driver

Advanced Driver

Do I need new glasses--or has Hagerty turned from vintage vehicles to new vehicles and not just NEW vehicles but radically NEW New vehicles. Does pitching all of this fantastic New Stuff net Hagerty kudos from everyone but the vintage crowd which supposedly Hagerty is/used to be supporting?