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Revealed: 2022 Volkswagen Golf R

While the GTI might be the most iconic Golf variant, it's not the cleanup hitter in the lineup. That honor belongs to the Golf R, which takes the everything we love about the hot hatch formula and adds all-wheel drive (along with more power). Volkswagen just revealed the fifth generation of the Golf R, one of just two variants  of the eight-generation Golf bound for U.S. shores.


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I cracked up laughing at VW's new commercial.  They played the song, "I've got to be me", implying that you can be different from everyone else, if you buy their car.  Meanwhile, their car looks pretty much like everyone else's SUV.  Dumb!


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Intermediate Driver

Most recently I had contemplated purchasing a Golf R.  Even used they went for around $40K.  My only real problem with it is that no matter how I looked at it, it still looked too much like an ordinary Golf, or Rabbit to old guys like me.  Incredible performance enhancements, all-wheel drive, lots of modern tech but, still looking like an ordinary VW.  I feel VW has to take all that "good stuff" and put it into something like a newly styled Scirroco-like body. Flying under the radar is one thing but, looking cool is important too.