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Hagerty Employee

Revealed: 2022 Subaru BRZ

These days, with the cares of a troubled world weighing heavily on the rapidly electrifying auto industry, any spare dimes spent on sports cars are rare and precious. So it’s gratifying to see that Subaru and Toyota have been back in the kitchen cooking up a refreshed version of their rear-drive BRZ/86 sports coupe with a recipe that matures the car in all the ways that matter without adding much to its weight. Rejoice in their triumph.


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Hagerty Employee

count me in!

New Driver

What was wrong with analog gauges again?


Incidentally, the old BRZ only revved to 7400, not 7700.  Someone must have mentioned 7700 during the press conference though, as I see TTAC saying that the NEW one redlines at 7700.  Meanwhile, the Subaru press release says it redlines at 7000, yet the pictures included with this article clearly show a tachometer with a redline at at least 7500.

Community Manager

I have a feeling someone did just that...but I am fixing it now, thanks to you! Can't trust those TTAC guys, I mean look at some of the people they kept around for decades. 🙂