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Hagerty Employee

Revealed: 2021 Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport

Give Ford dual kudos: for reprising one of its most iconic nameplates and for equipping its 2021 “built wild” Broncos with the style and substance necessary to succeed in the fierce SUV arena. Riding on two different platforms and available in two- and four-door body styles, the new Bronco brand will be the eighth member of Ford’s rambling SUV/crossover household when it reaches showrooms at the end of this year. A standard 4×4 driveline underlines these new models’ off-road chops. Full price outlines haven’t been announced, but the base two-door Bronco will start at $29,995 including destination fees; a $100 deposit will hold your place in line a Bronco starting today.


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Pit Crew

A very good looking vehicle. I just hope it's durable. Friends with Jeeps have had many issues with durability and they would not buy another Jeep. This may be the answer.

New Driver

  "four on-road modes: Normal, Eco, Slippery and Sand, and Sport."--I thought it was the drivers talent that got him through the dirt, mud, snow and streams not some stupid switch.  Seems like a lot of electronics  for an off road vehicle, hope it survives the elements. I guess full frames and V8 engines are a thing of the past. Looks good though, hope it succeeds.   


You can leave it in "normal" and use your own talent.

Pit Crew

....looks like it either wants to be a Rover (like the Explorers are trying to resemble) or certainly a get some of that market share.  It's exciting to see Ford produce something like this instead of their usual modern day focus on electric, autonomous transportation pods...!

New Driver

nice bro