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Hagerty Employee

Retrofitting for reliability on a Ford Model A | Kyle's Garage - Ep.3


While the kingpins and spindles are off my 1930 Ford Model A, I figured it was the perfect time to make one minor change that will make my life easier. Specifically, that means replacing the push-in, non-lock-on grease fittings with a modern Zerk fitting. This will allow easier greasing of the front end to make sure all the new parts I am installing will get the grease they need to last many more years.


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New Driver

I had to laugh.... I think he mounted the vice to his kitchen sink. I do not think the workshop surface has ever seen a spot of oil, grease, or any other chemical.
New Driver

Good job Kyle! I was holding my breath while you were getting that tap started. It is always a little bit anxious to get it started straight.

Intermediate Driver

It is not necessary to tap and drill for threaded fittings, modern fittings that ate push in are available for the Model A.

Intermediate Driver

Those grease fittings you removed were genuine “Zerks”. Bad decision to replace them with “hydraulics”. A competent “A model” judge will deduct points for that.