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Hagerty Employee

Restore Bonneville hopes new data will speed salt flat replenishment

The ongoing pursuit to preserve the Bonneville Salt Flats has scored another victory and SEMA, along with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Utah Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Utah Geological Survey (UGS), and Intrepid Potash Inc. marked more progress in restoring the area's precious salt.

A great and timely update, Brandan - thanks! My "Save The Salt" t-shirt is getting worn pretty thin and frayed around the neck. Time to make another donation and get some updated merch. I encourage anyone reading this article to get involved - every little bit helps.
If you are an American automotive enthusiast of almost any sort, you owe a little something to racing in general. And racing in general in America owes a lot to the Bonneville Salt Flats!

Good news for sure. Glad to see the efforts are under way and hopefully will provide valuable data soon.
Pit Crew

That's really great that efforts are being made to save Bonneville. Never been to speed week but I have had a couple of personal runs on the salt if you could call it that. When I was 16 on a family vacation we were going across the Salt Flats in our '66 Wildcat. I turned into a gate and found myself on this perfectly smooth surface so we sailed along at 90 for awhile then exited on another gate back to the highway. Dad didn't seem to mind but Mom didn't like it. In 2006 the wife and I were there with the Intrepid and this time hit 100. Wish I could build a car to strive for 200. JT
Intermediate Driver

I have been to The Salt four times as a result of my lifelong dream to be there. If any car guy hasn't been there, he needs to start making plans to go now before the salt is too thin to race on.
As most of us know, The Salt is the only place in the racing world where you can "run what you brung", without a million dollars in promotions and a full machine shop and several spare engines
in your semi trailer to help you.

#416!! That's Timmy McMaster's coupe!!