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Rest in peace Sir Frank Williams, Nissan plans for an EV future, Renault's quad-copter dream

Intake: Sir Frank Williams, who founded Williams Grand Prix Engineering in 1977, has died. Under his leadership Williams won nine constructors' world championships and seven drivers' titles during the 1980s and 1990s. The roster of drivers to pass through the Williams garage is a testament to Sir Frank's ability to spot and nurture talent.

So often I find myself feeling worse about the future of everything gearhead after reading “The Manifold”. Today is no exception. (And I’ve never given a damn about anything Clarkson has been involved with.)
Not to be critical…
Intermediate Driver

RIP Sir Frank - condolences to Claire and the whole Williams Clan.

Clarkson's farm was hilarious
I wonder if Season 2 will be about his making the beer.

Flying cars? Only if they're powered by an LS!! (I just came from "Avoidable Contact #126: How the Hellcat became the only car that matters")
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Clarkson - master of marketing & promotion, mostly of himself. The joke's over.

When Sanity takes over the White House again and energy independence is regained. Gas will be cheep and manufacturers will lament the day that brought the two letters EV together. Energy independence is freedom.

@Oldroad1 I carry significantly less optimism that a simple administration change will solve all of our automotive problems. The auto companies have been planning this change since well before 1/20/2021. I will say that I am not ready to switch over to EV and it truly disinterests me and I am not totally convinced it is the solution everyone thinks it is. Everyone is too focused on what comes out the tailpipe and not the whole process from manufacturing to the day the car comes off the road to be recycled. But I am no so delusional to think that this point in time has been coming WAY longer than we realize and has absolutely nothing to do with cheap or expensive gas. Strategic planning for the auto companies doesn't happen overnight and it takes years to bring a car to market and I think it'll take longer than they think to go fully EV, but like it or not, EV is what's coming and every company has made some sort of commitment. I think you give too much credit to politicians to accomplish anything of value and I'm talking all politicians, not just the ones I disagree with.


So far as I know, no serious person gives politicians credit for accomplishing anything of value. EVs may come or not, but this Soviet style top-down, central planning scheme will not help but only hinder.
EVs are now a niche product. The niche may grow over the next few years, but that will not change that fact. I believe the domestics want to avoid a repeat of the '70s where emissions controls sent a couple to their graves and knocked the others flat. At least with EVs they can have some certainty, and the runup in gas prices is designed to provide a tailwind.
If buyers won't buy, they'll be in a world of hurt.